Reformed Articles

October 1, 2017

Protestant Reformation

October 31st what most people call Halloween was originally called All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Day.  The festival was initially instituted to remember the people who were martyred for the faith and the great men of women of faith that have gone before us.    On October 31st 1517, 500 years ago, Martin Luther […]

March 25, 2017

TDY At Altus AFB

We frequently have TDY students from Altus AFB, looking for a reformed church while they are here for training.  Below is a letter from Caleb DeGroot who we have had the pleasure of spending several months together during his long TDY.  We are grateful for meeting him and his family and we consider him part […]

September 13, 2014

Doctrines of Grace – A Summary of Reformed Theology

Doctrines of Grace - A Summary of Reformed Theology

A Summary of Reformed Theology by Justin West Reformed theology can best be summed up in Calvin’s Five Points: – Total Depravity – Unconditional Election – Limited Atonement – Irresistible Grace – Perseverance of the Saints This theological worldview is exactly that, a worldview, and as such, no list of five points could possibly encompass […]