A Loving but Tough Sermon for the Church – Jesus Purges the Temple – John 2:12-25

June 28, 2015


A Tough Sermon for the Church – Jesus Purges the Temple – John 2:12-25


Sermon Text:  John 2:12-25


Preached on June 28, 2015 by Pastor Bryan Walker


Sermon Notes:


Preface:  The word church!

  1. You and I, WE – make up the church
  2. Place we gather to worship (common English)


Place where God resides!

Is this ground Holy?

Has this been set aside for worship & prayer?

Are you Holy?

Someone set aside for God?


What do we learn from this???

  1. God’s house is for prayer & worship
  2. Jesus had the authority to throw them out
  3. He had reason to throw them out
  4. We are expected to keep his commandments
  5. One person throwing out many


John 18:6

  1. The temple is a place God resides
  2. First he is talking about the building
  3. Second he is talking about Himself


  1. We must first look inward
  2. MLJ – War (wars and rumors of war)
  3. Lawlessness (Matthew 24:12 NKJV  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.)


The message is for the Church

Jesus is the only way

Rediscover the truth

The world will be the world

The Church MUST remain Holy


◊Why did Jesus throw them out…?

◊Were they NOT providing a necessary service?

◊People come from long distances to worship

  • They didn’t always bring animals with them to sacrifice
  • They had the wrong type of money
  • One stop shop

®Exchange Money

®Buy an animal

®And Leave Holy & FORGIVEN


◊You want people to be Holy don’t you???

◊We have to make it convenient for them!

◊We have to make this attractive to everyone?

  • Storing the livestock down the road PROBLEMS
  • Go get your ram, oxen and dove
  • Transport it to the temple
  • Town center, foot traffic – draw more people in


◊What’s the point?

◊Get as many animals and coins to the alter?

Get as many people SAVED

  • At what cost?
  • What compromise?


Well… Today…


◊Can you imagine…

  • A pastor with a whip???
  • Driving people out of the church???
  • The Church has the authority

◊Put it this way…

  • Who would Christ cast out today?
  • Would you rather hear the truth today or on judgement day?


◊If it FEELS GOOD it’s okay


John 14:15


1 John 5:1-3

◊Everyone who loves God loves God’s children!

◊We love God and obey his commandments!


◊Does love command us to overlook wrong doing???  NO!!!

  • Daddy I am going to go play on the highway because I want too!
  • Why? Because it makes me feel good!
  • What would you say???
  • What is the loving thing to say?


1 John 3:13-14


◊Your views are NOT going to be popular


1 Timothy 5:20-22



◊Rebuke in front of all – Don’t judge???

◊Laying hands on anyone hastily  – ◊Commissioning for the ministry

  • Jesus & Paul are exercising judgement
  • What is a sin and what is not a sin
  • What is and is not pleasing to God
  • What is good for the church


◊I thought doctrine wasn’t Important???

◊Doctrine divides???

◊But…  #1 thing all churches must do

  1. Statement of faith
  2. Formal membership policy
  3. Formal marriage policy

◊Sounds like the church is scrambling for doctrine & truth



◊Premarital Sex  – Guilty (but forgiven)

◊Divorce – Guilty (but forgiven)

◊Abortion – Sin – (forgiveness)

◊Drunkenness (forgiveness)

◊Homosexuality – Sin (forgiveness)

  • Gay pride???
  • How can one be prideful?
  • Conscience tells you it’s sinful
  • Just as my consensus conscience & pre-marital sex

◊Rainbow- Flag

◊Church – Statement of Faith for Sunday’s, ONLY?

◊Statement of Faith is NOT for the WORLD!




  1. Keep the building a house of prayer and worship
  2. Since you are ALSO a temple keep yourself holy
  3. Keep the body of Christ, the CHURCH pure
  • Even if you drive some out
  • When 51% of the church believes something…

1 Corinthians 5:6

  1. Certain judgements are required
  2. Truth is VERY important
  3. Doctrine is VERY important


◊The message is for the Church

  • Jesus is the only way
  • The world is in darkness (you have the light)

If The Church looks like the world, where is the light?

  • Rediscover the truth
  • Doctrine (what you believe) is important
  • The world will be the world
  • The Church MUST remain Holy (set apart)
  • The Church MUST remove the log


Why do you come to church???  Prayer & Worship?

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