Assurance of Salvation

November 10, 2013


How can we have assurance of salvation?  The book of Romans gives us all we need to have assurance of salvation.

First our salvation cannot depend upon us.  If we rely on ourselves, salvation is truly impossible.  It’s only as good as we are and if you are honest with yourself you will realize we cannot have faith in ourselves.

Second, we have to know God, the one whom we have faith in.  Does he have the power to save us?  Will he do what he says he will do?  This brings into question, is God Sovereign and if he is, does he always exercise his sovereignty?  If one thing doesn’t go according to God’s plan, even the smallest little thing, how can we be sure he will save us?  Do you see how important God’s sovereignty is?  Everything that happens goes through the divine hands of God.  If God says he will save you, not only does he have the power to do so, but he will do so despite how impossible your situation may seem.

Thirdly, we need to know God has a desire to save us.  Knowing we are sinners, weak, ungodly, not good, and enemies with God, what makes us think he wants to save us?  The fact that he sent his son to die for us is reason enough.  This shows us the deep un-measurable love he has for us.

So, if we put all this together, we don’t merit salvation, but God loves us enough to save us, and he is able and he will do what he says.  How can we have any doubt concerning our assurance of salvation?  Yes, there are days we don’t feel close to God.  There are days we don’t feel like we are saved.  There are days we don’t feel Christian.  Our feelings can get us into trouble.  We need to separate our feelings from the truth of God.  Many times we confuse a feeling or a lack of feeling for the Holy Spirit or lack of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit witnesses to the truth which can be found in the Word, not in our feelings.  Does the Holy Spirit give us a feeling, yes, but it is always consistent with the truth.  A Christian who relies solely on feelings is in a dangerous place.  The root must go deep into the truth.

Bible References

  • Romans 5:6 - 11
  • Deuteronomy 18:20 - 22
  • Acts 13:48
  • Romans 8:30
  • Romans 11:7

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