Different Clothing for Different Professions Colossians 3:11-17

December 17, 2017


Sermon: Different Clothing for Different Professions Colossians 3:11-17
Previously Paul tells the Christians what to put off or take off.  In this section, he tells us what we are to put on.  Paul uses the analogy of clothing to stress his point.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 12/17/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 12/31/2017
Sermon Notes:
Colossians 3:11-17 ESV  
    • Putting on vs. taking off
        • OFF – anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth
        • ON – tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering
    • Picture of clothing
        • Different cultures, different clothing
        • Hawaii, India, Middle East, Jew, Roman
        • How did they recognize a Gentile from a Jew
            • No association, unclean
        • Bellbottoms, Heavy metal, Goth
    • Different clothing for different professions
        • Metal Smith, Banker, farmer, military, football player
            • Clothing depicts different levels of priesthood, and military
    • The Christian TESTIMONY is in these clothes
        • The analogy goes back to the beginning
    • God is clothed with power, honor, majesty and might
    • Man’s clothes are dirty, shameful, sinful, filthy rags
    • However, now we are IN CHRIST
        • Col 3:1  If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above
Ephesians 4:22-24 NKJV  
    • Why do we take off the old and put on the new?
        • Our new identity is IN CHRIST
        • We belong to a new race
        • We have a new profession, and calling
        • Called Christians, The Way, Chosen, Elect
        • Our father who is in heaven
        • Vs. the father of lies
    • Paul calls them and us “God’s chosen ones
        • KJV, NKJ, the elect of God
    • Paul is reminding them, they no longer wear their old identity
Here is the questionAre the elect — the elect because – they put theses things on or are they elect because God elected them?
    • What reason does the Bible give for electing?  
        • Is the reason ever in man? – No
    • Does this election belong to all Jews and all Gentiles?
        • The word chosen means to make a choice, to pick
    • Paul’s argument has this tone:
        • Since you have died with Christ, put off these things
        • Since you are his elect put on these things
            • We should be identified by our putting off and putting on
    • Paul is stressing, God’s chosen comes from all races
We all wear the same clothing
        • Mindset – only Jews were the elect of God
        • Big deal – now gentiles can also come in
    • Paul calls us holy and beloved
        • Holy, set apart for God out of the world
        • Beloved by God is another way of saying chosen
            • This is an act of God setting his love upon His people
Romans 9:25 ESV  
    • What did we bring, nothing!  Our old clothes
        • Wretched, blind, naked
        • God’s sovereign love
    • Why labor all of this? –
        • We must banish self-pride from our minds
        • We bring nothing
        • We were shown mercy, so we must show mercy
Matthew 18:23-35 ESV  
    • Notice what did the servant deserve
        • The servant could not pay the debt
    • This debtor could not pay as well
    • The debt was lesser 10,000 talents vs. 100 denarii
        • 100 denarii = 4 months of wages
        • 10,000 talents = 200,000 years of work
    • If God has shown us GREAT mercy, we can show a little
Matthew Henry  Those who owe so much to mercy ought to be merciful to all who are proper objects of mercy.
    • What clothes are we wearing?
        • Has pride crept in?
        • Have we forgotten our forgiveness?
        • Knowing the depravity of man is VERY important
            • Unconditional election, means there is no reason in you
            • Nothing you earned, nothing you could have done
        • You were hopeless
        • How shall we treat others?
    • Above all or in addition too
        • How can one have mercy without love?
        • Not a sappy love but a love, that forgives and does for one another
        • A body needs all of its parts to function
            • We are not all the same
    • If we have these things we will have peace
        • If not, division
    • Recognizing our new position brings thankfulness and humility
    • One body
    • In union with each other – In Christ
    • Air Force has 1oo’s of different occupations
        • Support, supply, logistics, finances, medical, mechanics, even contract companies and community support
        • Pilots & leadership
            • Each person wears a uniform displaying their job, rank and level of proficiency
        • All serve in unison for one mission
            • All receive training in the overall mission and each individual profession
        • So…
    • What is a Spirit Filled Christian?
        • Characterized by peace, joy and thanksgiving because of Christ
        • Filled with the Word of Christ
            • Not mysticism –
            • Not ramped up feelings to obtain a higher plateau
            • Not shedding all knowledge entering a mindless worship
    • Knowledge that teaches and admonishes
        • Much of the modern worship songs are…
            • Can you think of a modern song that admonishes?
            • How about one with teaching and wisdom
                • Compare them to Psalms or old hymns
        • Not about the instruments, the beat, the artist, the show but the lyrics
            • Sad to see worship leaders who make it about themselves
            • Everything should point to Christ
            • Who does this song or sermon or teaching glorify –
                • Man or God?
    • The full understanding of election humbles us.
        • I used to be offended by election
        • Some listening today, offended
        • In your understanding, where is the emphasis?  Man or God?
            • Ponder it, do you spend time defending your choice vs. Gods
    • Either way, these clothes are the clothes of the elect
        • compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience and love for one another
    • Since you are chosen in Christ:
            • do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus
(17) …giving thanks to God the Father through him.
    • Christ is our mediator to give thanks to God
        • Not Mary, not Saints, not angels
            • Why would you take a lesser road that does not lead to your destination?
            • Christ is the only way
    • Are you one of God’s chosen?
        • Christ came for sinners, are you a sinner?
        • Do you feel some conviction for your sins?
        • Realize you bring nothing, you can do nothing to justify yourself
        • You owe more than you can pay
        • Repent and believe in Christ – this is not a one-time act
        • God changes our heart giving us the will and desire to repent and believe
        • His sheep hear his voice
    • Maybe you do believe
        • Look in the mirror, are you wearing your old clothes?
        • Put on His clothes
        • Show mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, patience and love
            • Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly
            • Fill your mind with things from above
            • Do all things in the name of Jesus
            • You have a new calling, a new vocation
            • You have new clothes
            • People recognize us by our clothes

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