Election and Our Responsibility – Sermon – One Way Christian Center – Olustee, OK

August 17, 2014



Sermon on Romans 10:13-21, Election and Our Responsibility – The Bible teaches election and the Bible teaches we are responsible. Both are true. How?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones sums it up like this, if we are damned we are responsible for our damnation and if we are saved God is responsible for our salvation.

Romans chapter 9-11 deals with the topic of Israel, God’s chosen people. Why are they not accepting Christ is large numbers and why are the Gentiles accepting Christ in large numbers. In chapter 9 we learned salvation is of grace through election by God apart from works. In chapter 10 we see the Jew’s and Gentiles have no excuse. The Gentiles because they have known God through his creation. The Jews because they have received the Christ and it was not done in secret.

Bible References

  • Romans 10:13 - 21

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