God Qualified and Delivered Us

October 8, 2017


Sermon: God Qualified and Delivered Us Colossians 1:9-14
In general, are Christians overflowing with thanksgiving towards God?  Notice in these verses, who has done the work and supplied everything, it is God.  If the Christian somewhat understands what God has done for them comparing the wretchedness of our previous state to the beauty and glory of our new state, we will overflow with thanksgiving towards God.  Especially if we understand God is not obligated to save anyone.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 10/8/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 10/22/2017
Sermon Notes:
Colossians 1:9-14 ESV  
    • This week, Paul Prays for the Colossians and thanks God for something
    • Last week, Paul thanks God – faith and love Colossians 1:3 –
        • You thank the one who does the work.  
        • You do not thank someone who is obligated to perform
            • Today, everyone gets a trophy
            • Everyone is entitled to something
        • God is thanked because he was not obligated
    • Why would Paul ask God for something we could obtain on our own?
        • Because we can’t obtain it on our own
        • The ways of God are revealed to us by God
        • Just as the scales fell from Paul’s eyes
        • The act of knowing His will comes from God or Paul wouldn’t ask
        • THINK, why ask…
John 1:10 ESV  
John 3:19 ESV  
    • What will?
    • We know this is not God’s hidden will
    • This can be a wide range of things
      • in all spiritual wisdom and understanding
        1. Paul is writing from prison, What’s the will of God in suffering?
        2. What is good and acceptable to God
        3. Most importantly, knowledge of Jesus Christ (TRUTH)
            1. The gospel or good news
      • Paul asks God to give us knowledge and wisdom for a reason
          • God is the CAUSE of our understanding
          • God is the CAUSE of our faith
          • God is the CAUSE of our walk
              • AND
          • God upholds and follows through
    • We gain knowledge for a reason
        • We don’t rest in our knowledge
    • See the cycle
      • God imparts knowledge
      • God enables us to walk and bear fruit
      • This enables us to increase in knowledge (repeat)
  • How do we walk and what type of fruit?
      • Walk by the Spirit
          • Walk according to our calling
          • Son or daughter of the King of Kings
              • Not arrogant
              • Our master was born in a barn and hung on a cross
  • Fruit (MacArthur)
      1. Leading people to Christ
      2. Praising God
      3. Supporting the church with money and poor Christians
      4. Living a holy and Godly life
Galatians 5:22-23 ESV  
    • Fruit can be many, many things
(11)  being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy;
    • Where do we receive the POWER to do these things?
        • By God
        • Then what can we boast in?
            • Relying on the Lord vs. ourselves
            • Israel’s problem in the wilderness
            • What happened when Israel went into battle?
                • With God on their side?
                    • Was there ever a question of the outcome?
                    • Was God hoping for a victory?
                • Without God?
                    • Was there ever a question of the outcome?
                    • Was God hoping for a loss?
    • The God we worship provides the strength and ALL power
    • Notice it Paul is NOT asking JUST for endurance and patience
        • He asks for us to have joy through our struggles
        • This strength is provided by God!
            • It may seem like you are working it out
            • Just like, it seemed like Israel was fighting the battle
Deuteronomy 20:4 ESV  
    • Verse after verse, it is the LORD who fights for you
    • It is the LORD who gives the victory
    • So we WILL have joy in the LORD
        • Enduring hardships, persecutions, strife
    • This is the gospel
    • Once again Paul is thanking God
        • Why are people not thanking God today?
        • Why are so many “Christians” hesitant to thank and praise God?
        • Why isn’t everyone thanking and praising God?
    • Misunderstanding of what God has done verses what you THINK you do
        • Is Paul telling the Colossians what they must do?
            • Preacher; “What if we don’t do all God has commanded?”
                • We need to be worthy to enter???
            • Preacher; “God does his part we do our part.”
            • Preacher; “God can’t do his part unless or until we do our part.”
Galatians 2:16 ESV  
        • Mr. Worldly Wiseman sends Christian to the town of Morality to meet Mr. Legality
        • Do this and don’t do that and you will be saved?
        • Your good works must outweigh your sin?
        • What can you do to save yourself?
    • Paul NOT thanking the Colossians!
        • It’s thanks for what God has done
        • What has God done?  EVERYTHING
    • God qualified you?
        • The word means to make us able
        • If God qualifies you who can disqualify you?
        • You cannot satisfy God.  You cheapen the blood of Christ
        • If God begins a work He will complete it
    • What did God qualify you for?
        • to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.
        • What is our inheritance?
            • How long do you have?
            • Take a look at the promised land
    • Washed away our sins
        • (Another reason for not thanking God)
            • Sin isn’t a big deal
            • The wrath of God is never mentioned
            • God punishes the sinner no the sin
            • God is angry with the sinner who lives in rebellion
        • Washed by the blood of Christ
        • Spotless and blameless before God
    • The desire and ability to worship God
        • The true Christian has reasons to worship God
        • The world hates the true God
        • Heaven would be hell for the world
            • A Steelers fan rooting for the Dallas Cowboys (X infinity)
    • God is our light
        • No more darkness
        • No more tears, no war, no sin
        • Everyone will glorify God
    • Why do we lack worshipers today?
        • Never heard the true gospel
        • I’m not a bad person, I followed the law and God is obligated to let me in
        • God and I are both working in my salvation (Boasting)
        • Think…
            • When you thank Johnny for accepting in Christ, in your mind who is REALLY working?
He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us
    • ??? God does his part and we must do our part
        • Salvation is of the LORD
    • You say we must have faith?
        • Agree, Yes, we must have faith,
        • Origin of faith, even our faith is a gift from God – Next
    • You say, make a choice for Christ
        • How can a dead person choose Christ?
        • He must be made alive first
        • Agree, we choose Christ after God has made us alive  – Next
    • You say we must be moral and obey the law
        • The Bible says, “no one is justified before God by the law, for “The righteous shall live by faith.”
        • When we walk, the Christian is (11)  being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might – next
    • The lack of thanksgiving today is evidence of 2 things
    1. We no longer understand the depth of our needs
        1. He who is forgiven much, loves much
        2. Jesus didn’t die on a cross to pay your light bill
            1. It is paid in full?
        3. For you to have a stress-free life
            1. In this life you will have trouble and persecutions
        4. For you to have Biblical principles for gaining wealth
            1. Where your treasure is there your heart is
2. We are boasting in our works
        1. Our special programs will win the lost
        2. The preacher
        3. We mostly thank ourselves
            1. This is an idolatrous sin
            2. Read Galatians – slavery, bondage, cursed
Isaiah 42:6-8 ESV  
    • God takes the people out of darkness and bondage
    • They are in darkness
    • He brings them into the light
    • God does this through Christ
    • I am, I will, I will, I am the LORD
    • Jesus Christ is our light
    • He opens the eyes
    • All of the tanks and all of the glory goes to God
Believe in Christ

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