God’s Purpose

May 19, 2014



God’s Purpose


An introduction to Romans Chapter 9-11:


The grand scheme of chapters 9-11 is God’s purpose.  This purpose includes God’s election, God’s will, God’s mercy and grace, and God’s sovereignty in all things.


It is good to ask why?  Why did Paul write these chapters?  Chapter 8 ends with some of the most beautiful promises in the bible.  Why was there a need to expound more?  It seems Paul is answering the pressing question at the time; it probably went something like this.  “If this new covenant is so great why are not all the physical decedents of Israel converting over to Christianity?”  Or, “Why is one person a Christian and why not another?”  He answers these questions by explaining some history.  If this only dealt with the historical Israel, then why does he explain in chapter 11 why physical Israel is not currently receptive to the gospel?  And, then he explains why the gentiles are receptive to the gospel.


But is chapter 9 a new argument?  Some suggest chapter 9 deals only with the particular election of the Jewish nation.  But not so, chapter 9 is continuing the logical flow from chapter 8 where Paul speaks of our election.  The argument he brings forth in chapter 9 begins in 8 and concludes in chapter 11.


Look how sad Paul is for Israel, we must share his desire for conversions of all nationalities.  All salvation is through Christ, there is no other way.  If we truly believe what we believe we would want to share the gospel with everyone.  We would realize there is no hope and wrath for those who reject Christ.  But, today it seems the attitude is, “it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you believe.”  It does matter what we believe.  The Bible is full of examples of people believing in false doctrine and false gods and they are sternly warned this does not result in salvation.

Bible References

  • Romans 9:1 - 6

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