IMAGE of CHRIST ~ One Way Christian Center Sermon ~ Olustee OK

December 22, 2014



What do we see when we think of Christ the baby in a manger?  This sermon goes through some important points to consider about this and prophecies.  Prophecies always come true!  Jesus was PREDESTINED to die on the cross for our sins and yet he chose to die for our sins.  Interesting how both are true.


What is our IMAGE OF CHRIST?

  • Important Question
    • Full or a partial image?
  • Who is Christ?
  • Why is this important to me?


What is our IMAGE OF CHRIST?

  • Baby in a manger
  • Humble man healing the sick & teaching
  • Man perfect in every way
  • Walking on water
  • Feeding the masses
  • Whipped and beaten
  • Christ Crucified – Hanging on a cross?
  • Resurrected Christ



Plan of God!!!

Luke 1:19-20

  1. Jesus was born of a virgin

Matthew 1:22-23

Isaiah 7:14

  1. Was to be born in Bethlehem

Matthew 2:3-6

  1. Joseph and Mary flee to Egypt.

Matthew 2:14-15

  1. Herod issues order to kill all males 2 years and younger.

Matthew 2:16

Jeremiah 31:15

  1. Return to Israel

Didn’t go back to Bethlehem ~ Warned in a dream

Galilee, city called Nazareth


Matthew 2:23


John 1:46


  • The savior of the world was announced to Sheppard’s
  • King of Kings ~ Born of a normal family ~ In a barn!
  • Raised in Nazareth ~ a low place!


Isaiah 53:2-3

  • He was not desired
  • He was despised
  • He was rejected
  • He was a man of sorrows
  • He was acquainted with grief
  • He was NOT esteemed or held in high regard
  • He was shunned


John 1:9-14


The BABY was Predestined ~ To hang on a cross!

Acts 2:22-23


Baby – The Champion – The Angels sang out!!!


Luke 2:10-14


Sinless One – Living the life I was required to live (LAW)

Crucified – Bearing my sin!

Risen Savior – Conquer of sin death and the grave!

Angel  “He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.”  PREDESTINED!


Sermon preached by Pastor Bryan Walker on the 21st of December 21, 2014.  The sermon will air on KWHW on 93.5 FM on December 28th.

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