Jesus or Barabbas Sermon John 18:28-40; John 18:30

October 24, 2016


Preached on Oct 23 2016

Jesus or Barabbas Sermon John 18:28-40; John 18:30

OT Reading By Joshua Clifton

Text:  John 18:28-40

  1. The Great Hypocrisy (Didn’t Enter)
  2. The Accusation
  3. The Fulfilling Of God’s Word
  4. His Kingdom
  5. His Purpose
  6. Those Belonging To His Kingdom
  7. The Great Choice
  8. Who Is Barabbas


  • The great hypocrisy (didn’t enter)
    1. so that they would not be defiled
      1. Log vs a splinter
      2. Micro vs. Macro (so focused but can’t see)
  • Religion without God (Is what I am doing, glorifying God?)
  • The Accusation
    1. “What accusation do you bring?”
    2. We wouldn’t have brought him unless, guilty! (General no specifics)
      1. What law has he violated?
      2. What charge do you bring?
    3. Pilate, “Deal with it yourself”
    4. Political charge in (Luke)
      1. “Claims to be a king, forbidding us to pay tribute to Cesar”
    5. It is not lawful for us to kill him
      1. Stephen?
        • Crucifixion
        • This is a public trial
        • Seeking the support of the Gov and people
  • The Fulfilling of God’s Word

(32)  This was to fulfill the word that Jesus had spoken to show by what kind of death he was going to die.


Matthew 20:17-19

  1. Sinful men delivered Him
  2. Yet – God ordained it
  3. Free will – Man is still doing what he wants
  4. Not complete autonomy
    1. God restrains evil
    2. Devil and demons stir up evil
  • His kingdom

John 18:36-37 ESV


  1. Not here for Cesar’s kingdom
  2. What is His purpose???
  3. Who or what is his kingdom?
  • His Purpose: Bear witness to the truth
    1. Pilate, “What is truth?” (How was this said?)
      1. We could ask this today
        • What’s true for you isn’t true for me
        • Repeat a lie, it becomes true?
        • Today’s mind is without reason. (born a man)
        • No standard for truth (God)
          • Example, undefiled if we do enter Pilate’s
        • Those belonging to His kingdom
          1. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.
          2. Clear distinction
            1. Two types of people
              • Of God
              • Not of God

John 8:47 ESV  Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.”



  • The Great Choice
    1. Jesus or Barabbas
    2. Barabbas means “son of the father
    3. Jesus is the “son of the father
      1. Fallen man’s choice is Barabbas
      2. Freely choose Barabbas
  • Delighted in that choice
    • Two natures: Steak or lettuce
      • Slave to sin
      • Slave to righteousness

Romans 6:18 ESV  and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness.


  1. What if Jesus were running for President
    1. Wouldn’t win the primary
    2. Definitely wouldn’t win the presidency
  • Who is Barabbas
    1. Worst of the 3 prisoners –– Why?
      1. Pilate’s wife – Have nothing to do with this
      2. 3 times in chapters 18-19 Pilate “I find no guilt in him”
  • Incredible amount of political pressure
  1. LEADER of an Insurrection – Uprising, Revolt, Rebellion (Luke)
    1. Rebellious
      • God says don’t and we do
      • We rise up against him
      • There is no God
    2. Revolt
      • Natural man has disgust for God
    3. Murder (Luke)
      1. I didn’t murder anyone?

Mat 5:22  But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment;

  1. Notorious (Mat)
    1. Sinner but proud of your sin
    2. Cheer other on
  • Encourage rebellion

Romans 1:32 ESV  Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.


Barabbas was deserving of death

Yet – Christ took his place – He didn’t have too


If Christ took BARABBAS place

And we say, he took our place

This makes us a type of Barabbas


  • How many Christians today would recognize this?
    • Total depravity –
    • Then why are none without sin? (but Christ)


  • The world chooses its leaders
    • Depravity
      • Barabbas vs. Jesus
    • God chooses His leaders
      • Saul vs. David
    • God eventually turns us over to our desires
    • Consider the state of our nation
    • Could Jesus be President? (Jesus vs. _________)


  • Hypocrisy
    • Are you worried about defiling yourself?
      • Trying to do good but not having Christ?
      • Not having faith in Christ’s righteousness
      • Can you make yourself righteous?
      • What hope at life did Barabbas have?
    • There is nothing righteous about ourselves – Apart from Christ.
    • Who do you choose?
    • Jesus Christ or Barabbas
    • Jesus or the world
    • You must choose
    • Glorify Him

Sermon preached by Pastor Bryan Walker

One Way Christian Center

A Reformed Baptist Church, in Olustee Oklahoma

Olustee is about 12-15 miles from Altus and Altus Air Force Base

Our service times are Wed @7 and Sun @1030

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