John 16:5-15 Sermon The Holy Spirit and Truth

September 2, 2016



Question:  If the Holy Spirit guides you in all truth – and truth isn’t important to you, is the Holy Spirit guiding you?


Sermon Notes:

John 16:5-15


  • Last week.
    • You will be persecuted
    • Men will hate you – BECAUSE -they hated me
    • You will be killed – In SO CALLED service to God
  • None of you ask me, where are you going (Previously).
    • John 13:33 – Jesus; “A little while I am with you”
    • Joh 13:36 Simon Peter; “Lord, where are you going?”
    • Joh 14:5 Thomas; “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?”
  • Contradiction? In the same conversation?
    • Step back — Key to understanding –
      • Christ is leaving
      • Persecution is coming
      • Sorrow “sorrow has filled your heart”


If your heart is full of sorrow, – Is there room for anything else?

  • Full of sorrow but no hope???
    • No hope, no faith?
    • Sorrow yes, filled with sorrow no!
    • Joy! If you consider where Christ is going!


Colossians 3:2

1 Peter 3:22 Peter said, He

Revelation 2:10

  • We are to look past our sorrow / problems / sufferings
    • Look to Christ
  • Look to our reward, Christ!
    • He will crown us with the crown of life
    • Everything is subjected to Him
    • He has conquered, sin and death
    • What will “eternal” life be like?


Philippians 3:14 NKJV


Motorcycle Driving – Don’t look directly at the road.  Through the bend.

Olympic runners – Not looking at the crowd


Nevertheless – I have good news for you!


The Good News is the Holy Spirit

  • NOW – Permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit
    • The Holy Spirit is eternal
      • OT – Creation / Abraham / David…


  • Titles – No names
  • Helper / Comforter / Counselor / Advocate
  • Spirit of Truth
  • Spirit of Glory
  • Spirit of Life
  • The Spirit of God
  • Over 100 titles = roles – His PRIMARY role is to glorify Christ




How to understand this verse?


  • Convict the world generally? Or particularly/effectively?
  • World? – Jew and Gentile without distinction?
  • World? – Everyone without exception?




  • We are NOT as evil as we could be —Restraints
    • Conscience (suppress it) Romans 2:15
      • All know some form of right and wrong
    • Preached Word goes out to the saved and unsaved
    • God gives us governments
      • Laws, courts, punishment and prisons
    • BUT – the world HATES the true Christ / Christian




  • The Holy Spirit “will” convict people from all races of sin
  • “He” doesn’t finish the salvation work, He Applies the works of Christ
  • “He” Effectively changes the heart
  • “He” Has the power to convict you of sin
  • “He” Proves Christ’s righteousness to you
  • “He” reveals to us there is a judgement.
  • “He” also, reveals there is now no condemnation
  • The Holy Spirit turns our hatred for Christ into repentance and love




– Authority to expand on Christ’s teachings


John 16:13 ESV

  • The Spirit of Truth
    • Guide you in all truth
      • Not all at once –GROW
      • Small seed kernels of truth
        • Large mature trees

Titus 2:1 ESV

2 Timothy 4:3 ESV

If the Holy Spirit guides you in all truth – and truth isn’t important to you, is the Holy Spirit guiding you?


On the other side of the line:

  • Truth is the means not the end
  • You can have doctrine without Christ!
  • You can know the Word but not Christ!



  • Google: “Holy Spirit Books”
    • What is the number 1 book on the Holy Spirit? – BIBLE


Air Force Technical Order  – TO – Will / Shall  — May or Might  –


He will guide you into all the truth

He will glorify me

He will take what is mine and declare it to you


  • We are told to test the spirits
  • How do you know something is from the Holy Spirit or a false spirit?
  • The Holy Spirit WILL glorify Christ
  • He will not glorify himself
  • He does not seek the glory


On the day of Pentecost when the Spirt entered, what did Peter preach?


Acts 2:22-23 ESV


The focus was on Jesus Christ



  • Man’s throne must be torn down!
  • The Spirit convicts of sin
    • Shows man to be exceeding sinful!
    • Man’s need for a savior
  • The Spirit shows Christ’s righteousness and glory
  • Brings joy to the sinner!


  • Stay away from anyone who-
    • Gives the smallest bit of credit to man
    • Exalts the Spirit above Christ – This is NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT
    • Does not value truth
    • Does not tell man he is sinful
    • Does not stress Christ’s full and complete work
    • Does not exalt Christ above everything


He will take what is mine and declare it to you


The Spirit will not declare something contrary to scripture


He will guide you into all the truth


Put away the false religions, recognize you need the righteousness of Christ


Turn to Christ – TODAY


Sermon preached by Pastor Bryan Walker on Aug 28th 2016

One Way Christian Center

A Reformed Baptist Church, in Olustee Oklahoma

Olustee is about 12-15 miles from Altus and Altus Air Force Base

Our service times are Wed @7 and Sun @1030

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