Put on the whole armor of God Ephesians 6:10-20

September 8, 2018


Sermon: Put on the whole armor of God  Ephesians 6:10-20
Three things 1. Put on, 2. The whole armor 3. Of God.  First we are told to do something, to put on, assumes this is not automatic. So, we need to put on. Second, what do we put on and how much? The whole armor. For how long? It never tells us to take it off.  What type of armor? The armor of God.  Not counterfeit armor.  Not the armor of man but of God.  Why?  So we can stand against the wiles of the devil.  The devil is trying to get us to fall into sin.
Genesis 25:21-34 ESV  
Ephesians 6:10-20 ESV  
    • Recognized, we are in the middle of a war
    • We are no match, for our enemy and his followers,
        • His power and control is exceeding greater than what we can muster
    • strength of his might
        • Considered God and his mighty power
            • Out in nature (lake), ponder the creation power
            • The power to keep us
            • All Mighty God
                • Impossible to fully comprehend or measure such power
    1. The Putting on of the armor
    2. How much, the whole armor, how often, constantly
    3. Who’s armor (armor of God) – Why? that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.
        1. What are the schemes of the devil??
*** The Christian in Complete Armor, William Gurnall (Reference)
    1. PUT ON
    • We are charged to put on
    • This means it is not automatic, we may be naked
        • Adam and Eve were naked, after sin
            • The entire world is naked and unarmed
            • How can anyone possibly resist the Devil?
                • They cannot, without armor (POWER)
    • Born again, naked
        • Children are born naked, why not with clothes? lol
        • Paul is speaking to Christian’s – he says put on
            • Meaning they come naked – we provide nothing
            • Vast difference between born again naked and dead
                • The former has hope, the latter has no hope
    • The entire army of God is commanded to put on, not just leaders
        • But I’m a baby Christian, I have an excuse? – For your own good
1 Corinthians 3:2-3 ESV  
    • We are to put on Christ – the source of our strength (armor pieces)
        • To put on Christ is to put on brotherly love
If Satan can set you at odds, he gives a deep wound to your godliness.   You will hardly join hearts in a duty, if you cannot join hands in love.
    • How long have you been a Christian?  How many years?
        • 2 – Associates, 4 – Bachelors, 6 – Master’s, 8 – Doctorate
    • How long did it take you to learn your job?
        • Compare your worldly knowledge to your knowledge of God
        • We sink time and energy into a dying life and very little into eternal life
            • It is acceptable to diligently work 8 hours at a trade (work)
            • It is unacceptable to witness in public for 5 minutes (work)
    • You have the armor – put it on
        • Will Satan conquer our friends and family without a ripple in the water
            • Without one ounce of resistance from God’s army
            • True you shall not cast your pearls before swine BUT
                • Have you looked in the pig’s pen for sheep?
                • Ah! there is a sheep covered in slop, as dirty as the pigs
                    • His sheep hear his voice, AND you are his mouth piece
    • What general or sergeant will put up with this?
        • I do not want to wear my helmet today!
        • I do not feel like carrying my rifle today!
            • This is dissention in the ranks
            • Disobeying a direct order from the commanding officer
            • Who wants someone guarding their flank without a rifle?
        • Not following God’s commands breeds disorganization and chaos
            • No! the whole armor is there for a reason
            • It will be worn and must be worn by everyone
                • Don’t be like the wicked person who hid his talent
    • Say, Don’t worry, I am praying to God for a victory, in the name of JESUS.
        • We don’t need armor we just need to call upon God
    • Jesus answered Satan
Matthew 4:7 ESV  
    • Calling on the name of Jesus alone without armor is carnal
        • Your prayers will go unanswered
Proverbs 28:9 ESV  
    • A carnal, in the name of Jesus is lip service but the heart is far from God.
        • If you love Him, you will keep his commands
        • Put on the whole armor, so Satan can’t defeat you by temptations
    • OH! But all of that armor is hard to bear???
        • Like going to the Post Office without pants on
            • Good morning Bryan, where’s your pants
                • At home on the floor.
            • Why?
                • They are too cumbersome, I didn’t feel like it
        • Crazy, coo-coo, loco
    • OH! But the armor is too much trouble???
        • Do you have a new nature, it should be like; Eating, drinking, breathing or the beating of the heart? Is this too hard???
    • The Way – is narrow and dangerous
        • Look at Pilgrims progress, an allegory of the troubles awaiting us
        • You are walking through a dark alley of a very dangerous neighborhood
        • You are a former gang member, who saw the light and quit the gang
            • Now you are telling other gang members about the light
            • The leader of your former gang has you marked for blood
                • Do not face him without the full armor on!!!
    • The type of armor
        • Adam & Eve attempted to clothe themselves with leaves
            • But God clothed them with animal skins
                • Our clothing – death of animals
                    • Animal skins wear out
                    • They are not perfect and provide little protection
            • Our true covering is of Christ, the spotless lamb of God
    • If we are to be saved, we must be naked of our own works (armor)
        • Don’t be the wedding guest who refused to put on the weeding garment
    • The type of armor that saves is God’s armor
        • When do we take this armor off?  
            • When we shed our body and go into the ground
            • In heaven we will be clothed with white robes of righteousness
    • Carnal SELF clothing?
        • Raw confidence on the name of God, like a magic wand
        • Mere words like a spell, to cast off evil spirits
            • Gem stones, incense, herbs, vain prayers, empty meditation, chants, – ALL Hocus Pocus, of the flesh
    • The carnal Christian throws around God’s name but continues to live in sin without repentance, Satan has defeated him – no armor
        • Is the power in you and your rituals?
    • You say, I just want to be left alone
        • You don’t want Satan and his evilness
        • But you don’t want God and his holiness
            • Ah, but secretly you want one or the other
                • You are on one side of the fence or the other
The Spirit fills his heart with love, joy, holy desires, fears; Satan fills the sinner’s heart with pride, lust, lying.   ‘Why hath Satan filled thy heart?’ (Acts 5:3) says Peter.   And thus filled with Satan (as the drunkard with wine), he is not his own man, but Satan’s slave.
Romans 13:12 ESV  
2 Corinthians 10:4 ESV  
    • A poor condition is to have a form of religion but deny it’s power
        • Putting on armor other than God’s???  Why???
        • Counterfeit armor
            • Instead of Made in the USA, made in China
            • Instead of Christ, made by man
    • You can know true religion from false by what they put on
        • The carnal Protestant put’s on man
        • The Roman Catholic put’s on man and his traditions (both are wrong)
2 Timothy 3:5 ESV  
    • A form of religion may look good but it has no power, and no good fruit
        • The plastic fruit on my grandmothers table
            • It always looked good and it never spoiled
                • A deception of the eyes
        • Remember Eve looked upon the fruit and it looked good (DEATH)
Jude 1:12 ESV  
    • A cloud without water, looks like it will bring much needed rain
        • It’s all show and no substance, no POWER
    • Throw our Gods name around but deny His holiness and His commands
If you worship God, devoutly, but not by Scripture rule, you are but an idolater.   If according to the rule, but not in spirit and truth, then you are a hypocrite, and will fall into the devil’s mouth.
    • This soul is puffed up by an ignorance of God
        • This soul will fall short, and be conquered by the enemy
        • This soul thinks he has the armor of God but has fig leaves
    1. Person goes into a battle not knowing there is a battle
        • The person who has not heard the gospel, or dismissed it
    1. Goes into a battle knowing you have no gun or armor
        • Virgins without oil, the one who falls asleep
        • You seek weapons to defeat the enemy but he already has you
3. Go into a battle thinking you have a loaded gun and sufficient armor
        • You charge in and your enemy laughs
        • You pose no threat, he either strikes you down or lets you wander
        • What can an unarmed person do on the battle field?
Job 29:14 ESV  
4. Go into a battle with a loaded gun and impenetrable armor
      • Your enemy can not win this battle
      • Your enemy may fight for a while and return for a better opportunity
Luke 4:13 ESV  
        • Look towards Mary
        • Look towards the saints
        • Look towards penitence
        • Look towards pilgrimages, let fasts, vows and superstitions
            • Anything but Christ, man centered
            • {Defeated like the carnal Protestant}
A thousand woes will one day fall upon those impostors, who have stripped the people of their true armour of God, and put these reeds and bulrushes in their hands.
    • God brought Israel out of Egypt, His way
    • God caused the walls of Jericho to fall, His way
    • God saved Joseph, who was sold into slavery, then prison, His way
        • Our ways are not God’s ways and God’s ways are not our ways
        • We should heed to God’s ways and not man’s ways
    • To the Christian who IS the bride of Christ
    • You may consider yourself weak, and frail, you are in yourself!
    • A prince decides to marry a peasant girl
        • He has no obligation to initially marry her.
        • He has no obligation to clothe her or give her gifts
        • But once she is his wife, he has a duty to make her a princes
        • She now has a share in his royalty, regardless of her background
        • The Church is the bride of Christ, your prince will make you worthy
        • He will clothe and protect you, you are weak but he is strong
            • But things are difficult…
John 15:2 ESV  … every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.
    1. Put on – A command
    2. The whole armor – All of it
    3. of God – that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.
    • The devil would like you to be in sin, to live there
    • You say, but I’m trying hard
    • Have you shed tears over your sin
    • Esau cried when he lost his birthright over a meal
    • He did not cry because of the sin but because he lost it
    • Do you cry because of sin or because of the penalties of sin
        • Change our heart oh God, let us see sin for what it is
Hebrews 12:16-17 ESV  

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