Riches for the World or Riches of the World

October 12, 2014



Romans 11:11-27 Sermon, Given at One Way Christian Center Church, Olustee, Oklahoma. By Pastor Bryan Walker on Oct 12 2014. Our church is located 12 miles SW of Altus, OK and close to Altus AFB.

Exposition on Romans chapter 11. What is meant by the root, tree, and branches? In this chapter we see both the ethnic Israel and the spiritual Israel. The ethnic Israel is easy to the spot. The spiritual Israel is represented in the tree because all parts of the tree are holy but not all parts of ethnic Israel are holy. What is meant by “riches” for the world! Too often today we confuse the riches “for” the world with riches “of” the world. The heavenly kingdom is not of this world nor are the riches the same.

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