Sermon A Call to Action

January 23, 2017


Sermon A Call to Action

Sermon Text: 1 Peter 1:13-19 

Sermon Notes:

1 Peter 1:13-19 ESV 

  • A Call to ACTION
    • Three main action verbs
    • Rest are HOW TO verbs


  1. Set your hope fully on the grace
  2. Be holy in all your conduct
  3. Conduct yourselves with fear


  • Therefore – ASK – what is the there – for?
  • Points back to:
    • What God has done
    • God’s Election
    • God Causing our new birth
    • His inheritance
    • His power guards us
    • The refining of your faith
  • Because of God’s WORK
    • THEREFORE, you are called to ACTION
  • Do NOT reverse it!!!
    • Setting your hope on grace, gains inheritance?
    • Being holy, causes rebirth?
    • Conducting oneself with fear, guards us?
  • Works based
    • If you do this, God will do this
    • God has done it, therefore we will do


Mother Teresa (Aug 26th 1910 – Sep 5th 1997)

  • Surely this woman was close to God


Time Magazine Aug 23rd, 2007

“Her secret letters show that she spent almost 50 years without sensing the presence of God in her life.”

In more than 40 communications, many of which have never before been published, she bemoans the “dryness,” “darkness,” “loneliness,” and “torture” she is undergoing. She compares the experience to hell and at one point says it has driven her to doubt the existence of heaven and even of God.


Spiritual Dryness


Psalms 13:1-2 ESV  How long, O LORD?    Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? 


50 years???


1Pe 1:13  Therefore, preparing your minds for action


  1. Set your hope fully on the grace



  • Pull up your robe and cinch your belt around it
    • Take off your jacket, and tie, roll up your sleeves
    • Prepare yourself for work
  • Since angels desire to look into grace, you do so also!
  • The mind… The BATTLE FOR THE MIND
    • If you want to change the country, change the mind
  • Kids and Youth
    • Public school text books
      • Is it wrong to point out the flaws in evolution?
      • Debate – creation vs. evolution
      • No, its evolution is certain?
    • Most colleges
  • Television liberal agenda
    • Even commercials
  • Huge groups of Christians seeking mystical experiences
    • Not many think today
    • Give a reason for the hope that is in you
  • Propaganda on what is and is not a sin?
    • Atheist, how do you determine what is or is not sin?
    • Evolved matter, why is it wrong to kill other matter?
      • Survival of the fittest?
    • Why is it wrong to kill & eat babies?
      • Will it always be wrong?
      • What if society is over populated?
      • Then will it be okay to eat babies?
    • Is there any lasting moral standards?
      • Will it be okay to kill old people?
    • How many people can be married to each other?
      • Do you have to marry a person?
      • Why not a dog?
      • You lost the marriage is for procreation argument
      • Whatever pleases you?
    • A society without absolute standards is a scary society
      • God is our standard
    • Social Media, blurring the lines
      • Living in sin, “shacking up”
      • Baby momma’s
      • Covenant vow breakers – divorce
      • Sinful gay marriages
      • All celebrated today




  • Are you focused on the cares of this life?
  • Are you ready for action?
  • Sober means ALERT not DISTRACTED
  • Distractions? Not inherently bad…
  • Internet –
    • Use for spreading the gospel
    • Also used to spread pornography
    • Headline vs. research
  • Facebook
    • Helps you keep up with friends
    • Can encourage people
    • Where did my time go?
  • Television, Movies, Other entertainment
    • Church is:
      • Adult entertainment
      • Kid and youth entertainment
      • Check the church square while being entertained
    • Can you honestly say, you spend more time in the Word, Prayer, and Worship as you do in these other areas???
    • And we wonder why???
    • If the youth goes the nation will go!!!
  • Challenge – Track your time!
    • Give God the first fruits
    • Prepare your mind to…


Set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


  • Hoping Christians do not live carelessly, seeking self-indulgence and pleasure.
  • They watch for the coming of the Lord
  • They are not drunk
  • It’s not a mindless ecstasy
  • Grace now vs. revealed grace
    • Well done grace
    • Here is your inheritance grace




  • Recognize your status as children
    • Now, be obedient children
    • You have a new birth
    • A new nature
  • The new nature wars with the old nature
  • WARNING: Do not be conformed to the old nature
  • Real warning!!!




  • Nero
    • Burn Christians to light his garden
    • Later killed Paul and Peter
    • Set the world against Christians, burning of Rome
  • On the 24th of Aug 79 (AD), Pompeii was destroyed
  • Covered under 13 to 20 feet of volcanic ash
  • On Aug 23rd the day before was the festival of Vulcanalia
  • Worshiping the god Vulcan
  • Completely preserved
    • Graphic sexual paintings
    • Sexual statues, bath houses
    • Roman deprived culture
    • Deemed pornography
    • Locked away for 200 years
    • Reopened for viewing in 2000
  • Society wants to return to this deplorable state


  • Peter warns against returning
  • Because you belong to Christ, do not return


(15)  but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct,


  • There is an absolute standard of holiness!
  • Atheist society has a shifting standard.


  • Be holy – set apart
    • Sanctified
    • Not according to the world but God
    • There is none like God
    • This is a minority
    • You are strangers in this land –Pilgrims


(17)  And if you call on him as Father who judges impartially according to each one’s deeds, conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile,


  • Two very strong emotions, love and fear
  • What are you doing with your:
    • Time, money, mind, children, resources
  • Do you think God won’t know???
    • Do you think you won’t answer for idleness?




  • You were ransomed with the blood of Christ
  • PIPER – Child was taken hostage
  • Call to action – MORE LIGHT, more dirt

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