Witnessing For Christ

October 4, 2015


Jesus was doing the work of the Father when he met the Samaritans.  Commissioned by Him to continue the work we JOYFULLY press forward.

Sermon text: John 4:27-42

Preached by Pastor Bryan Walker

Sermon Notes:

  • Somewhat Comical
    • Marveled
    • Jesus is talking to a Samaritan
    • And a Samaritan woman
    • No one dared to question him
    • Sometimes it’s best to be quiet and observe
    • You see the respect they have for him – Plus he corrected them often
  • Next interesting thing
    • What do you think of when you think water jug? (picture)
    • Woman leaves her water jar!
    • Picture of jars on head – My neck hurts…
      • Who has it bad today???
      • Rich nation, running water, tractors, electricity, AC/heat
    • Do you think she was in a hurry?
    • Who told her to go and tell everyone?
    • What evangelistic training did she have?
    • She met Jesus and was excited!!!
    • Wow! This is the savior! I MUST tell someone!
    • How do you suppose the gospel spread!
    • Were they obligated to tell someone?
    • No, they couldn’t hold it back!
    • America today, experience a lot of discouragement
    • So, what, shake off the dust and move on. J
    • Not everyone will be as receptive


I MUST TELL SOMEONE – All through the Gospels and the NT.


John 1:40-41 ESV

What was the first thing Andrew did!


John 1:45

Phillip finds Nathanael!




  • What was your experience???
  • For me…
  • A man centered salvation with no power to overcome!
  • It is God who saves, it’s not a joint effort!!!
  • Confusing cause and effects!
  • You display the “effects” of salvation!
  • God is the “cause” of your salvation!
  • The cause is invisible, the effects are visible!
  • SOME bacteria cause infection, bacteria was invisible


Ezekiel 37:4-5

  • What causes you to live, I mean really LIVE?
  • We see the effects but the cause is invisible!


(34)  Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.


  • Notice this is the Father’s work!
  • Jesus conquers his earthly flesh to FIRST do the work of the father.
  • Denying oneself for the work of the Father!


Ezekiel 34:2



(37)  For here the saying holds true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’


  • Are we called to reap or sew? – Hear it appears to reap.
  • Answer, is both and MORE…
  • Matthew 13, the farmer’s chapter!


  • Seed – Mat 13:19 …the word of the kingdom
  • Seed – Brings forth the children of God
  • Seed comes from God,
  • Reminds you, Genesis 1:3 ESV And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.


Romans 1:16

Ezekiel 37:4


  • The “Son of Man” is the sewer of the good seed.
  • We are also commissioned to sew as his disciples


Paul writes:  1 Corinthians 3:6 ESV  I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.


  • Seed and the growth come from God!
  • Growth, the invisible force
  • Seed (Word) is the FIRST cause! John Chapter 1, And the Word…
  • So far, planting, watering and harvesting.


Is there other work??? What about the soil?


Mark 4       1)  Hard Path 2) Rocky Ground  3) Thorns  4) Good soil

  • Notice the seed is sown across all
  • The Spirit primarily prepares the soil.
  • The preacher or profit tells of the wrath to come!
  • The plow is the Law, the Spirit brings conviction.
  • Everything is working together, even circumstances and low points.


Gal 3:24  So then, the law was our guardian or schoolmaster


  • The LAW leads us to Christ!
  • There is never good news without bad news!
  • Picture Ascension Island — Who watches the weather???
  • Are we to disregard the Law?


Matthew 5:18 In Romans, Paul spent the first 3 chapters on the law.

  • He – Laid a solid foundation, for salvation by faith in Christ
  • You can’t have forgiveness without the law.
  • If you didn’t break any law why do you need forgiveness?
  • What are you sanctified to?


Ezekiel 33:8-9


  • When was the last time you heard the word wicked or wretched?
  • The woman at the well NEEDED a SAVIOR
  • Jesus – Showed her by revealing she had 5 husbands!


–Everyone is condemned, not one is without sin!

–All will suffer the wrath of God, JUSTLY!

–None of His Sheep will say, His WRATH is UNJUST!

Rev 6:10  …how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”

–Not one person will receive INJUSTICE!

–We must warn now, we must plead now!


If you hear the TRUE Word of God, How can you help but to say, come and HEAR THE TRUTH!


–The GOOD SOIL is prepared by the Law and conviction of the Holy Spirit

–The SEED is the Word of God

–The Effect the GOSPEL is JOY and FRUIT

–The invisible CAUSE is GOD working through the Holy Spirit

–She went with no training but JOY:  BIG RESULTS!!!


John 4:42


All the woman said was, come and see!

  • Don’t be intimidated, remember there are 4 types of soil
  • Some cases call for planting, others call for reaping
  • Don’t be discouraged if you plant and don’t reap!
  • Don’t be boastful if you reap when you did not plant!

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