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We frequently have TDY students from Altus AFB, looking for a reformed church while they are here for training.  Below is a letter from Caleb DeGroot who we have had the pleasure of spending several months together during his long TDY.  We are grateful for meeting him and his family and we consider him part of our family in Christ.  


My time with One Way Christian Center has been a blessing. I was in Altus for 6 months of military training and the congregation, although small, was very welcoming and passionate about serving the Lord. They were a valuable support structure during my time away from family. By getting to know the members I felt much more a port of the community and with them I also found a valuable and meaningful way to pass the down time. They would even hold an occasional pot luck after the service, they know how to cook!

I was raised in the Christian Reformed Church in the Midwest and was not sure what a “Reformed Baptist” church was. The preaching and worship is similar to what I was accustom to growing up. The worship style was a nice mix of contemporary music and psalms. There was no crazy light shows, speaking in tongues, or other sort of craziness. I strongly believe Brian, the Pastor, preaches the word of God and diligently strives to do so. His prior experience in the military gives him a perspective that may Pastors do not have, this gives him an ability to preach in a very engaging and understandable way. Sundays typically consist of a service at 10:30AM and lasts till 12:00-12:30 and a bible study in the evening at 4:00. The evening bible study is a great opportunity to discuss in an open conversational form. There is also a Wednesday night gathering but I am unable to speak to that as my training schedule did not allow the time.

I would not hesitate to recommend attending church at One Way Christian Center, I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with them and the impact they made in my life. They helped strengthen my faith in the Lord and gain perspective in serving the Lord.


In Faith,

Caleb DeGroot

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