Being liberated from sin!

January 19, 2014



Being liberated from sin.

Is your soul craving an experience with the Almighty? There are no words to describe what it’s like to have an experience with the Creator and the awe He possesses. If you lack the sorrow of repentance, you can’t have the Joy of Grace! Don’t waste time! Be joyful for redemption is here! Pastor Bryan E. Walker explains…

1.            Let your JOY be in Christ

2.            To truly know Christ – results in joyful submission!

3.            Having been liberated from sin, we now know the truth

4.            Knowing the truth brings us from death to life

Bible References

  • Romans 6:19 - 21
  • Psalm 119:1 - 6
  • John 8:31 - 34
  • John 16:13 - 15



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