Define Free Will

September 21, 2014



Sermon, Define Free Will – One Way Christian Center – Olustee


Pastor James Hopkins sheds light on the topic of “Free Will.”  How does love affect our will?  How does our world view affect our will?  How does our spiritual father affect our will?  What about the will of Christ?  What about the will of God?  What about the will of the Devil?  How do these all fit together?  Listen as Pastor James goes verse by verse through the Gospel of John to discover these answers and more.


Sermon given by Pastor James Hopkins at One Way Christian Center in Olustee, OK.


I am very glad God intervenes in our lives and does not leave us to a will that is completely free but in doing so he does no violence to our will.  He changes our heart as to where we want to do God’s will.  Without this we would be left to do the will of the Devil.  Pastor James points out we have one father or another and we do our fathers will.


Pastor Bryan Walker.

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