Devotion: Every Christian is a Theologian John 17:3

May 20, 2018


Devotion: Every Christian is a Theologian  John 17:3
Yes, every Christian is a Theologian.  Theology is the study of the truths of God.  How can we worship God if we do not know Him?  How can we have salvation apart from knowing God and Jesus Christ?  The truth is we do not have God unless we know Him.  Not know of Him but know him.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 5/20/2018  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 6/3/2018
Every Christian is a Theologian
John 17:3 ESV  
    • Knowing God and knowing Jesus Christ
Theology – the science of God and divine things; or the science which teaches the existence, character and attributes of God, his laws and government, the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice. Theology consists of two branches, natural and revealed.
Natural – Is how God is revealed through nature, – the creation.
Revealed – Knowing God by what he has revealed in his Word
Science – In a general sense, knowledge, or certain knowledge; the comprehension or understanding of truth or facts by the mind.
Idolatry – Is any man-made image of God that takes the place of God, this can be a physical or mental false image of God.
    • We must be careful to NOT make a false image of God
        • Let’s bring God down to our level
        • Since God has revealed Himself we MUST take the time to know Him  —  as He has revealed Himself to us
            • Do you know God?  or a man-made image of God?
    • Our morality MUST be based on a standard, NOT on changing culture
        • The world is constantly redefining morality
        • They have no anchor, no mooring post
        • What is sin?  
        • Salvation
        • The Trinity, His attributes, His laws, Our duties to Him
    • Everything in our life MUST be based on knowing God and Jesus Christ
        • EVERYTHING, How we interact with others, how we deal with tragedy, our worship, our basic understanding of the world.
        • 1828 – Webster Dictionary – Definitions reference the word of God
John 17:3 ESV  

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