Jesus is Lord

August 5, 2014


This sermon is on Romans 10:5 through Romans 10:11. What does it mean to confess Jesus is Lord? What did Jesus accomplish for us? When we look at part of this passage quoted from the Old Testament we see Paul replaces the Law with Jesus. Jesus conquered everything for us, he was obedient and sinless unto death. This is the main point of this passage. To confess Jesus is Lord is to confess all of Jesus. Jesus is Lord is the sum total of Jesus as God, Jesus as creator, Jesus as Justifier, Jesus as leading as perfect righteousness on our behalf and more. Jesus as Lord is the pinnacle of the mountain and includes it includes the base and the foothills. It includes everything concerning Jesus. To accept one part of Jesus and not another is not accepting Jesus as Lord.

Lord does not simply mean Jesus Christ (savior), Lord is ruler, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Too often we invent a Jesus to fit our needs. Which Jesus is Lord, the Jesus of Sacred Scripture or the Jesus of our imagination? On the day we cry out Lord, Lord, will he know us or will he say, “Depart from me, I never knew you?”

Earlier in the chapter he speaks of the Jews. Romans 10:2 For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. Yet a vast majority of Christians today don’t seek the knowledge of God. Many of us don’t want doctrine. Yet, we are told to pass on sound doctrine. We must not forsake truth. Seek truth! Jesus is Lord is truth.

Sermon preached at One Way Christian Center in Olustee, OK by Pastor Bryan Walker.

Bible References

  • Romans 10:5 - 11

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