Sermon: Every Christian is a Minister Ephesians 4:7-16

May 20, 2018


Sermon: Every Christian is a Minister  Ephesians 4:7-16
The apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers have been given you to equip YOU for the work of the ministry.  Not for personal gain but so you can minister to others.  Not for sitting back and coasting but for you to do work.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 5/20/2018  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 6/3/2018
Ephesians 4:7-16 ESV  
Deal with verse 8 and 9 first, then 7, 10-16
This is a reference to Psalm 68:18
Psalms 68:17-19 ESV  
    • This Psalm is a victory Psalm
    • Speaking of Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, God
        • There are many places in the NT where God is quoted as Christ
            • Paul uses this phrase to show Christ is God
            • Another example of the Trinity
(9)  …he had also descended into the lower regions, the earth?
    • 1.  The grave, 2.  Hades or Hell 3. Throne to the Earth
        • Opt for #3 – the battle was won on the cross
        • However, the victory parade occurred after the ascension
    • This Psalm is about a God won victory
        • Christ’s victory was on the cross
            • Christ won the victory over the Devil, sin and death
            • Soldiers would pass out gifts after a great victory
            • Psalm said received gifts, Paul said gave gifts
                • Roman soldiers, gifts and spoils of war
                • Ascension – we share in His victory
    • Simplified
        • Christ came down
        • Christ ascended victorious
        • He equips his church to accomplish its mission
        • Christ has the power to give gifts to whom he will
        • Christ is God in the flesh
        • Exalted far above all the heavens
            • We serve a mighty God
    • Important Paul quotes a text that clearly defines Christ as God
Ephesians 4:7 Grace here is not salvation – but a gift from Jesus Christ
        • He has given us the MEANS to walk worthy of our calling
            • We have ample provisions
            • We should not be weak because our LORD is great
    • Notice it is Christ who gives gifts
        • He equips us for our ministry
            • He calls us
                • We need not pressure people into a ministry
                • Needs are great in a small church
                • But the need and the calling are two different things
                • The means to fulfil our needs is great
    • Music ministry
        • Need – so videos on an old TV
            • Scott & Leah had the calling for music
            • Josh was sent to us
            • Piano, now we also have Kristen
    • We [each one of us] are Gifted by Christ to do something
        • This is measured out, given out by Christ
        • This is according to Christ AND from Christ
            • All have some gift or some way to contribute to the body
            • You might not know it yet.
    • We all need to go to the next level – Not always
        • We mature but we don’t always change ministries
        • Covet another person’s gift and not use your gift
        • The key is to be humble, and serve the body
    • Don’t be consumed with what others have.  
        • Are we constantly looking for another office?
    • And he gave – To the everyone in verse 7, AND he gave
        • He also gave these for us
        • The Word of God through the Apostles
        • All the great preachers, all the local preachers and teachers
            • I can’t name all of the people I learned from
    • What is the common thread here?
        • apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers
            • All centered on teaching & preaching the word of God
                • Not fund raisers? Not events, not market suveys, not coffee shops in the church, not on the meals…
    • All ministries are gifted to us
        • We don’t decide to do a ministry
        • Did you call yourself or did Christ call you
        • We see this in the parable of the talents
            • Given to each according to his ability.
            • They did not decide to go get talents
                • What happened to the one who hid his talent?
                    • ‘You wicked and slothful servant!
    • Did Christ call you or have you been asked by one of us
        • The needs are great
            • We must not sit back and do nothing
                • But we must do what we are called to do
        • Our ministries are not handed down, you dad, and grandfather…
            • There are many who should not be in the ministry
    • What is the purpose of these offices
    • Every member is a minister in some way
    • My job as a pastor is to minister to you to equip you
        • Not for passenger work
            • Trips to PA – I drive everyone sleeps
            • This is not a bus with sleeping passengers
    • You are to be equipped for what? 2 things
      1. For the work of ministry
      2. For building up or edifying the body
    • Are you a saint?  Then you are to minister to each other
        • The whole premise of this section is Christian UNITY
        • Serving each other’s needs
            • Sometimes being served but also serving
    • Building up what, the body of Christ
        • Look around, the body of Christ
        • Who is responsible for church health?
        • Starts with the pastors and teachers
            • They must be teaching the Word of God
            • Next, church health resides with the saints
    • The body analogy is UNIFIED and ALSO diverse
        • Many members make up one body
Romans 12:4-8 ESV  
    • Unity with diversity –
        • A puzzle with all the same pieces.
        • A color painting with just one color
        • Not all members and gifts are equal but all are important
            • All serve a function
1 Corinthians 12:20-25 ESV  
    • He is comparing an outward part like a hand and a private part
        • All parts are important
        • Not all parts are the same
    • Why have we been gifted?
    • In once since we are already in unity
        • We have a basic unity in Christ
        • We don’t have full unity of the faith
        • Baptist, Presbyterians, Armenians and Calvinists
    • We lack a full knowledge of the Son of God,
        • We unify in the truth of Christ
            • This knowledge brings us to maturity
                • We are to grow and develop
2 examples
    1. No longer children
    2. Grow up
S Lewis Johnson
    • Children lack stability
    • Difficulty focusing – on the Word
    • Children are selfish
        • It’s all about me
    • Children are all knowing
    • Don’t like authority
    • Don’t like to work, we must make work fun
        • Think of the modern church
    • Companionships are childlike vs. mature
    • Children are easily deceived
        • tossed to and fro
        • We guard our children
        • The deceiver is active
        • What would you do if you saw a van pull up to your child? candy
    • Children lack the understanding of gifts
        • They play with the paper and the boxes
        • As we mature we begin to understand the gifts of Christ
    • You are ministering to one another…
    • What do you do when your fellow Christian falls for false doctrines
    • What do you do when they embrace sin as a lie?
    • What if someone is being led astray
        • Do we say nothing?
            • Do we mind our own business?
            • Don’t judge?
        • Speak the truth in love
    • Sad thing is too many don’t know enough to speak truth
        • How can you speak the truth if you don’t know the truth?
        • Do you know what you believe?
        • Do you know why you believe what you believe?
        • Do you know it well enough to explain it to others?
    • Each part must work properly
        • Each person is a part of the body
        • This takes work and effort
            • Children don’t like work, we must mature
    • The whole body suffers when one part is not working properly
        • One little disc in the back, can shut a body down
    • The result of everyone working together is growth
    • The growth occurs in love
        • Love is shown through actions
    • We are not to act like children
    • We must grow up in Him
    • Everyone is a minister and everyone needs ministering to

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