Sermon: From Dogs to Sons Ephesians 2:11-19

April 29, 2018


Sermon: From Dogs to Sons  Ephesians 2:11-19
For some reason, we like underdog stories like the movies Rocky or Cinderella. There was even a cartoon Underdog and a movie. Maybe you remember it? The Bible has the greatest rags to riches underdog story ever told. We who were once called dogs are now called sons. In Ephesians, Paul tells of how the Gentiles who had no hope and separated from God were brought nigh unto God. The hero in this story is not the person who is brought nigh but God who brought him nigh. We see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at work during this action.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 4/8/2018  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 4/22/2018
Ephesians 2:11-19 ESV  
We are to remember the negative and know the positive
    • Why is it important to know our former state?
        1. It’s the truth
        2. The underdog inspiration
            • Rocky, Sammy Davis, poor to riches, ladies Cinderella
            • The HERO’s, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
            • If God is for us, who can be against us!
    • Audience: Paul says You Gentiles
        • Saints, elected, predestined, adopted sons
    • We were The uncircumcision
        • Circumcision was a sign of God’s people according to the flesh
        • This was an outward sign
            • On the 8th day
            • Circumcision did not convey salvation
            • Abraham was justified before he was circumcised
Romans 4:10 ESV  
        • Circumcision, made in the flesh by hands
            • Our circumcision is made without hands
Colossians 2:11 ESV  
    1. There was a REAL physical separation between Jew and Gentile
    2. There was a separation between the Gentile and God
    • Remember
    • Separated from Christ
        • This is a radical change
        • The gospel was not preached to the Gentiles at first
Matthew 15:24-26 ESV  
    • alienated from the commonwealth of Israel
        • They didn’t belong to Israel
        • They were aliens and foreigners
        • We were not part of the family, we were outsiders
        • If this is the before state, what is the present state?
            • We are brought into Israel
        • Context when the Bible speaks of Israel
Yes we have the nation Israel and Gentile nations according to the flesh, but there is one church, one bride, one vine, one true Israel according to the Spirit
    • strangers to the covenants of promise
        • We were outside of these promises
        • What gives us the right to claim any of the promises in the Bible?
        • Not even the new covenant applied to them
Romans 9:4-5 ESV  
    • This was all, “according to the flesh”
    • Paul goes on to say
Romans 9:8 ESV  
having no hope and without God in the world
    • They were hopeless outsiders
    • What can a Gentile do to change this?
        • Can they be reborn to Jewish parents?
            • That’s it!
    • None come in according to the flesh
        • Even Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews needed to be born again
        • Not of the flesh but of the Spirit
    • But these Gentiles were worse off than the Jews
        • They didn’t have the knowledge of God, no Word, no Gospel, no sacrifice for sins, literally dogs outside the camp
    • The Jews were in the darkness with the light
    • The Gentiles were in the darkness without the light
        • They were as far from God as they could get
            • Completely and utterly hopeless
    • But now– the POSITIVETHE PRESENT
    • Previous contrast, you were alienated, without hope, without God, without promises
        • been brought near by the blood of Christ
            • This was done for you and to you
    • This is true of every Christian, no matter the morality or maturity
        • MLJ – uses the example of marriage
            • We are united from day 1
            • Our manners change over time
            • Your status from single to married changes once
            • From this day forward you are married
    • We who were not part of Israel are now part of Israel
        • It is also said like this
Romans 11:17 ESV  
    • We get our nourishment directly from the root
        • We all become one vine in Christ
    • Some say the promises of God are only for the Jews
    • Some have said the Abrahamic Covenants only apply to the Jews
    • Some have said Hebrews, is only beneficial to the Jews
        • Who does this apply to?  
Hebrews 8:10-11 ESV  
    • Is there a different Spirit for one and not the other?
    • 1 Spirit, not 2
    • 1 Root, not 2
    • 1 Bride, not 2
    • All accomplished by the blood of Christ
    • Notice God is NOT trying to bring us nigh, he brings us nigh
The physical picture is in the temple
    1. Holy of Holies
    2. The Holy Place
    3. The Court of Priests
    4. The Court of Israel
    5. The Court of Women
    6. A gate and a wall
    7. Outside was the Court of the Gentiles
2.  There was a real hostility, between the unclean and God
    • It meant death if a Gentile entered any other court
        • They were unclean and considered dogs
            • Yes, even in the sight of God
            • Jesus Christ is our peace, reconciling man to God
    • The average circumcised Jew could not enter the Holy of Holies
        • Only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies, once a year
    • But NOW we have access in one Spirit to the Father
        • All of us, the least to the greatest Christian
        • You can go before the throne of God, because of Christ
    • The forgiving father had two sons, the prodigal son and the other
        • Both were his sons
    • This is a onetime event but our access is continual
        • Access to our father never ends
Hebrews 4:16 ESV  
Christ has went before us with his blood as our high priest
    • His blood was sprinkled in the Holy of Holies for the forgiveness of sins
        • We are only inside because we were brought inside
        • This is a circumcision without hands
Ephesians 2:15 NASB  
    • The walls dividing the courts have been broken
    • The curtain separating us from the holy of Holies has be torn
    • This curtain and these walls are his body which was broken for us
    • The outward signs of the flesh indicating Israel is set apart
        • Circumcision, sacrifices, washings, and abstaining from certain kinds of food
            1. Our circumcision is of the heart without hands
            2. Our sacrifice is Christ once and for all
            3. Our cleansing comes from Christ
            4. Our food is the body and blood of Christ
    • There is a real hostility between God and man (Sermon Colossians)
    • We know man is hostile towards God
        • Dead, and needs a new disposition
    • What about the other way?  
        • What man can enter the Holy of Holies?
        • What man can cross the walls?
        • If God struck Uzza down for touching the ark???
    • We know none would want to enter but if one did, he cannot come empty handed and there is nothing we can bring of our own to appease God’s wrath
    • Christ has made peace with God for us
    • Notice he preached peace to both groups, far and near
        • Jew and Gentile
    • All men need peace with God
        • No man can come before God without Christ, Jew or Gentile
    • How did Christ preach to the Ephesians?
    1. The Father is who we have access too
    2. This is accomplished by son’s body and blood
    3. The Spirit is the way we come
You are to know, the underdog truth
        • Who you were and who you are now
    • Do you realize you have access to the throne of God
        • Not just the throne but access to God
        • Not just access to a God of wrath but now God is our Father
    • God our Father is very rare in the Old Testament
        • Not used in the same light as Jesus uses it
        • Father of the nation of Israel
        • The Father of certain individuals – more like a creator
    • However, Jesus uses the term Father in a more intimate way
        • OT very rare, NT over and over again
        • NOT in OT “Our father who art in heaven”
    • Don’t take this access to your father for granted
        • This is a great privilege
        • Consider where you came from and who you are now
            • Cinderella, Rocky, the Hero is God
    • If he is your father now, he will always be your father
        • You may be acting like the prodigal son but if he is your father, he is still your father.  Key:  Is he your father?
        • Nothing can change your standing, if you are truly a son
You were far off without hope but now you can cry aba father and he will hear you

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