Sermon: Mature in Christ Colossians 1:23-29

November 5, 2017


Sermon: Mature in Christ Colossians 1:23-29
Paul’s goal is to present us mature in Jesus Christ.  We are His body.  If Jesus is our head, what is felt in the body is also felt in the head.  Points  1.  (25) to make the word of God fully known,  2.  Unveil the mystery that has been revealed  3.  (28)  Him we proclaim,  4.  (28) …warning everyone and  5.  (28) …teaching everyone with all wisdom
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 11/5/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 11/19/2017
Sermon Notes:
Colossians 1:23-29 ESV  
    • We were hostile in mind, doing evil deeds
Colossians 1:22 ESV  
(28) …that we may present everyone mature in Christ.
        • Notice the contrast
        • Holy and blameless – accomplished on the cross by his death
        • Mature in Christ
            1. (25) to make the word of God fully known,
            2. Unveil the mystery that has been revealed
            3. (28)  Him we proclaim,
            4. (28)  …warning everyone and
            5. (28)  …teaching everyone with all wisdom
I, Paul, became a minister. (of the gospel)
    1. Paul is a minister of the gospel (23)
    2. Paul is also a minister of the church (25)
        • A minister of the gospel, brings the news that makes alive
        •  the gospel is the power of God
        • The gospel presents you blameless
            • The news about, sin condemnation, justification, imputation, regeneration, reconciliation
        • A minister of the church presents you mature
            • Paul recognizes both and brings both!
    • What is a minister?  Transliteration: Diakonos
        • Root for the word deacon
        • Means a servant of another
        • Who is Paul a servant to?
            • Servant to the church? Yes
                • This means, self-sacrifice for the good of others
                • Has Paul put the needs of the church above his own?
            • Servant of Christ YES [Most Important]
                • Christ has ownership over the Church
    • The stewards primary responsibility is to the owner of the good and then the goods.
        • The steward answers to God concerning his use and management
            • (28) …that we may present everyone mature in Christ.
(25)  of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God that was given to me for you
    • When Paul serves the church, he serves Christ
        • Notice this is not given by the goods
        • It is not taken by the minister
        • Given by God
    • Paul had a higher role than all of us, but we are ALL called to serve
        • Don’t just think of it as serving Mr. X
        • If we only serve Mr. X, we will keep score…
        • However, in serving Mr. X, we serve Christ
        • Do you really want to keep score?  Can you out serve Him?
Matthew 25:35-40 ESV  
    • What is done in the members is also done in the head
    • He is our head, we are the body
        • For the body to be alive, the head must be attached
        • The head feels the hunger and thirst of the body
        • The head is satisfied when the needs of the body are met
        • The head feels the pain and afflictions of the body
        • Jesus Christ, knows what you are going through!
    • How can Paul say he is filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions
        1. Some say Paul is storing up merits, in a Treasury of Merit to help present us holy and blameless
        2. (go on to say) Mary adds to it because she is our co-redemptrix
        3. (and) The Saints and the Church – also store up merits
            • Who can say they have merit to pay for sin?
            • Who can say they have extra merit to give?
                • The payment for sin is death not works
                • You have the wrong type of money
    • We are justified by Christ alone verse (22)
        • Then, what does Paul mean by lacking in Christ’s afflictions
    • Just as a servant who does good, does good to Christ
    • Those who persecute the church persecute Christ
Acts 9:4 ESV  
    • Jesus said Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?
            • Didn’t say why do you persecute Jim or Bob but me.
    • Paul set out to persecute the believers in Jesus not Jesus???
        • Or did he???
        • If he hated the Church, he hated Christ.
            • If you reject the body, you must reject the head
            • If you say, I don’t care for the members of the church but I care about Jesus Christ, you are lying to yourself?
            • Can you have one and not the other?
    • Paul is NOT saying the work of redemption is incomplete
        • What he is saying is, if Christ is in you and you in him, when you suffer, He suffers.
    • In verse (27) …the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you
        • If the world hated Him, it will hate us.
        • There is a measure of suffering appointed to those in Christ, not for the payment of sin, but because we belong to Him
        1. When you are persecuted Christ is persecuted
        2. Likewise, when you are ministered unto, Christ is being served
            • Suffering brings maturity
    • Paul is committed to growing mature Christians
    • Is it our goal to grow mature Christians?
        • A lot of focus on decisions for Christ
        • Jesus called his disciples in the span of a few minutes (each)
            • Yet, he spent years teaching them
            • He sent the Holy Spirit to continue with them
            • They met daily
        • Decision = Why go any further?
    • Paul mentions 5 things here in his ministry of the Church?
      1. (25) to make the word of God fully known,
      2. Unveil the mystery that has been revealed
      3. (28)  Him we proclaim,
      4. (28) …warning everyone and
      5. (28) …teaching everyone with all wisdom
(come back to discuss mystery first)
—————— MYSTERY —————–
What is the mystery that has now been revealed?
    1. A few verses later, Paul says it is Jesus Christ
Colossians 2:2 ESV  …the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ,
2. The mystery of the unbelief of the Jews
3. The mystery of lawlessness
4. Mystery, we shall not all sleep
5. Other things revealed in Christ…
    • Who understood Christ’s full mission until it came to pass?
    • It was prophesied, and written down, and many still don’t believe it
        • How about, the road to Emmaus
Luke 24:27 ESV  
    1. One more mystery revealed LATER, the GENTILE INCLUSION
    • The next verse (27) points us to the gentile inclusion
    • The gentile inclusion was not revealed at first
    • Peter’s dream of the unclean foods (Acts 10)
    • Chapter 9 was Paul’s conversion
Ephesians 3:6 ESV  
    1. The holy of holies
    2. The holy place
    3. The court of priests
    4. The court of Israel
    5. The court of women
    6. The court of the Gentiles
    • The penalty was death for any gentile to enter the temple courts
Acts 21:28 ESV  
    • The temple was destroyed in 70 AD
        • Those in Christ, can go behind the veil into the Holy of Holies
            • There is one head and one body, Jew and Gentile
            • One true church, the called and chosen people of God, Israel
    • Imagine a Gentile, walking into the Holy of Holies
    • How great is it to be living in our time?
        • You have it better than the Jews of the OT
        • They saw the miracles but God only made himself known to a few
        • God has made himself know to you!!!
    • Think… Were you born an Egyptian under Pharaoh?
        • Were you born during the time of the Philistines or a Chaldeans
        • Plus, he opened your eyes to see Jesus Christ
        • Christ is in you and he is your hope of glory
            • How thankful should we be???
    • We are permitted to enter the Holy of Holies
        • Do we go in?  OR —-  Have we become numb? ——
    • God provided for Israel every day
        • Their clothes didn’t wear out
        • They were given gold from Egypt
        • They saw all the miracles
        • God rained down manna from heaven
            • But they were unhappy with God
Numbers 11:4-6 ESV  
    • How much more do we have than Israel?
        • We are like Moses and Arron who can go before God
        • They had the mana which is a figure of Christ
        • We have the revealed Christ
    • How often does His church want something more than manna?
        • Many have become bored with Christ and seek entertainment
        • Jesus becomes the sprinkles, not the main course
        • Christ centered messages don’t draw people in?
    • Paul says, (28)  Him we proclaim,
        • The people say, what ELSE does your church offer?
            • We preach Christ and Him crucified
            • The steward must answer to the owner of the house
    • Paul says, (25) to make the word of God fully known,
        • The people say, what else do you offer, preaching through the scriptures is BORING
        • What should a minister of the church speak on?
            • Have you lost your zeal for knowing Christ?
    • Paul says, (28) …warning everyone
        • The people say, what programs do you offer?
            • Shouldn’t the steward warn of dangers
            • Wolves in sheep’s clothing
            • False doctrines
            • Satan disguised as an angel of light
    • Paul says, (28) …teaching everyone with all wisdom
        • The people say, doctrine divides, entertainment unites
            • The goal is to present the church mature in Christ
            • The goal is not to entertain
            • Paul was not an entertainer
            • Not to be a comedian
            • Not to be popular with the world (prison)
            • Paul did not have a light show
            • Paul taught with all wisdom
        • Is Jesus the sprinkles?
    • Consider… how good you have it!  Philistine…
Numbers 11:10 ESV  
Numbers 11:18-20 ESV  
    • Check yourself, are you unsatisfied with Christ?
        • Maybe you long for Christ but are not being fed?
    • Leaders when preparing a lesson, what is your goal?
        • Keep people entertained
        • Or, present mature Christians
    • After hearing this warning, and you still seek something else
        • May God meet your desires, until it comes out at your nostrils
    • God help us be happy and satisfied with your bread from heaven
May we who have so much be more fully satisfied

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