Sermon: The Resurrection Power of God Ephesians 1:20-23; Ephesians 2:1-3

April 2, 2018


Sermon: The Resurrection Power of God  Ephesians 1:20-23; Ephesians 2:1-3
In this sermon we will contrast chapter 1:19 – 23 with chapter 2:1-3 looking at the natural state of man.  This is the historical Christian doctrine of the Depravity of Man and Unconditional Election.  If choosing Christ means eternal life why do so few choose Christ?  Yet, we search for eating habits, exercise routines, drugs or anything else to prolong our life for a few extra years.  A few extra years verses an eternity?  Find out the reason in today’s sermon.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 3/11/2018  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 3/25/2018
Ephesians 1:19 ESV  
Ephesians 1:20-23 ESV  
Ephesians 2:1-3 ESV  
    • Resurrection Power – time change – power to wake up
    • 3 Weeks until Resurrection Sunday
        • Alicia – Starting the resurrection sermons now
OVERVIEW – The flow and why this is important to us
    • Paul prays for wisdom and understanding
        • Interesting
            • He doesn’t just pray for them to mystically receive wisdom
                • He goes on to teach these things
                • Asks God to give them understanding
        • Many Pray for wisdom without seeking it???
            • High school
            • Many today don’t even want wisdom
                • To Paul WISDOM is vital
        • Seeking wisdom without humility
            • God’s will vs. our will
        • LAZY Folklore wisdom
            • Things passed down that are not in the Bible
                • FIGHT or FLIGHT – Lack of knowledge
            • Money is the root of all evil
                • The love of money
            • God helps those who help themselves
                • We are utterly dependent upon God
            • The rapture
                • Tempers flair.
            • Repeat after me and you will be saved
                • Nowhere in the Bible
                • It is essential to believing???
        • Examine what we believe with scripture
John 5:24-25 ESV  
    • Folklore – It is commonly believed that salvation is MERELY a decision on our part to follow Christ
        • Paul and Jesus say otherwise
        • Jesus says you must be born again
        • He who hears and believes passes from death to life
        • the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God
        • let the dead burry the dead
    • How dead is dead?
        • Verses 1-3 are simple to understand, plain language
            • Yet, not understood
and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind.
        • Verses 20-23 He uses the example of the resurrection of Christ
        • Christ was dead   He is now resurrected
        • 2:1 You were dead,  2:6 and now raised up in Christ
Examine Physical Death:
    • Death is natural or by nature we die
    • It would be against nature to not die
        • Pondering death is unpleasant to us
            • A recipe for church growth???
            • What did your pastor teach you?
        • However, how can we explain eternal life if we don’t consider death
            • Paul makes the contrast,
                • Death to life
                • Bondage to freedom
    • STORY: The woman who wanted to live
    • You can beat cancer, maybe this time?
    • We cut off limbs to prolong life
    • We eat right and exercise to prolong life
        • All good, live as long as you can
    • If death is natural, resurrection is not natural or against nature
        • If resurrection only required a choice, everyone would be resurrected.
            • What if you could develop a pill to prevent death…
            • What if you could bring people back to life permanently…
                • People would pay big money for this…
            • Then why do most people reject Christ?
                • 2:1 They are spiritually dead
                • To accept Christ is to go against their nature
                • Put meat and lettuce in front of a dog
                • Put Christ or sin in front of a person
                    • Corridors of time…
                    • The power of the resurrection must be applied
    • What about decay? It is also natural
        • We want to avoid this
            • We embalm
            • We freeze bodies in hopes of some future cure
                • Anything to slow down decay
Genesis 3:19 ESV  
    • This body will turn to dust no matter what
        • The world seeks a solution for this
        • Once again they would pay a lot of money to prevent decay
        • Christ has conquered, all powers, to include death and decay
(22)  And he put all things under his feet
Acts 13:37 ESV  but he whom God raised up did not see corruption.
    • Paul wants us to know Christ’s authority and dominion?
    • The world is under the dominion of sin and death
        • The power of Christ vs. the power over the world
        • At one time we were bound by the power over the world
        • In bondage to sin and death
        • More powerful that most think
        • Our nature cannot be broken by us
Ephesians 2:2 ESV  
    • We were on the road the world is on going the wrong way
        • Notice the power of the devil is real
        • Combine this with the natural sinful passions of the heart
Ephesians 2:3 ESV  
    • Failure to recognize the great power over the word causes
        • Decisional sermons
        • Morality sermons
        • Thinking man can simply choose good over evil
        • Note the body and the mind are opposed to God
        • How can one escape spiritual death?
            • ONLY by the power of God
            • The same power who raised up Christ
            • Not by your will or your decision but the power of God
        • This is why Paul points to the resurrection power
    • We talked about how it is natural to die and decay
            • Is there any man-made remedy to overcome death?
            • Is there anything to bring one back from the dead?
        • Man does not have power over physical death because it is NATURAL
    • Let’s examine man’s spirit
        • You will find the same things to be true
        • Man is described as DEAD
        • If the resurrections brings all men to life why does Paul not agree
            • Paul describes two types of people, dead and alive
        • What comes first our quickening or our choice?
            • The natural or DEAD man does not want God
    • There is a power of death is unbreakable by man
        • If man will pay any earthly price to continue living…
        • Why do the vast majority of men reject Christ?
        • Man left to himself will always do this (corridors of time)
    • Dead men can choose life no more than a corps has the power to resurrect itself
    • How do we go from by nature children of wrath to children of God?
        • This is why the Bible says we must be born again.
            • Children of wrath to children of God.
            • How much power does a baby have over it’s birth?
    • Remember Paul’s conversion and commission by Christ
        • He was on his way to persecute more Christians
        • He heard the voice of Christ
            • His eyes scaled over and he was blind
Acts 9:9 ESV  
    • Do you suppose 3 days was a coincidence?
        • This is a picture of Paul’s resurrection from spiritual death to spiritual life
        • Ananias was sent to Paul (God uses means)
            • Just as Paul was sent to others
Acts 9:17-18 ESV  
    • In Ephesians Paul could have appeal to his own experience
        • Paul appeals to a higher experience, the resurrection
            • This is the source of the power in Paul’s conversion
            • This is the source of the power of our conversion
            • The resurrection is the ultimate example of the power of God
    • Notice Paul could not fix himself
    • Paul did not want to fix himself
    • This parallels how God works in the believer
    • Later in Acts 26 we see Paul’s mission:
Acts 26:18 ESV  
    • Paul didn’t choose Christ first, Christ chose him
    • You didn’t choose Christ first, Christ chose you
        • This only applies to Apostles???
        • This applies to all
    • Chapter 1
        • He chose us before the foundations of the world
        • He predestined us
        • He adopted us
        • He did all of this according to his will for his glory
            • We must come to scripture with humility
                • All who are born again choose Him
                • Eyes are opened, scales removed
                • No longer dead but alive in Christ
                • Work of God from start to finish
The world does not belong to God —they are the sons of disobedience
Why does the world seek after the Fountain of Youth
and not the Fountain of Life?
They do not want Christ because they do not belong to Him
John 8:43-44 ESV  
So how can one be saved?
Matthew 19:25-26 ESV  
    • This is not just a simple choice to follow Christ
        • It is against NATURE to follow Christ!
        • We need a new nature
    • Why would the apostles say “Who then can be saved?”
    • Why would Jesus say with man this is impossible?
    • Then he says BUT with God…
John 5:24-25 ESV  
BOTTOM LINE Paul wants you to know the power of the resurrection
    • Following Christ is against the natural inclinations of the flesh
        • Natural to hide from God
    • We will be resurrected
        • Natural is to lie dead
    • We will live
        • Natural is to die
    • We will have an incorruptible body
        • Natural is to decay
All of this is by the will and the power of God

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