Sins of Balaam

August 20, 2017


Sermon: Sins of Balaam 2 Peter 2:12-16
False prophets and Balaam have something in common.  What is the sin of Balaam?  To find this out we have to search the scriptures.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 8/20/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 9/3/2017
Sermon Notes:
2 Peter 2:12-16 ESV  
Jude 1:11 ESV  
    • Irrational Animals, creatures of instinct – What strong language!  
        • Subject – false teachers and followers
        • They are among us. Integrated, Infiltrated
        • We are NOT to blindly accept every teaching/doctrine
        • We DO NOT say amen to everything
    • Peter inspired by the Holy Spirit calls them animals, creatures, brute beasts
        • A good Christian, never has anything bad to say about anyone?
            • Was Peter a good Christian?
        • The Bible is not politically correct
            • Politically correct is using speech that is offensive to a group
            • You will see, this is massively offensive to a large group of people
    • They are made human but act like animals and beasts!
        • Humans, have the ability to reason
        • We take in information, process it and use logic to make decisions
        • What if? our logic is based on sinful or evil desires?
        • The natural man desires the VERY thing that kills him – SIN
            • The wages of sin is death
    • These are irrational using only instinct
        • Illogical behavior
        • Lack of self-control
        • Driven by sin and evil
    • Rational thought is to weigh the consequences of your decisions
Amos 5:4 ESV  
But these are born to be caught and destroyed
Psalms 49:20 ESV  
    • Man in his splendour or honour
    • Destruction awaits these false teachers
2 Peter 2:13 ESV  
    • They count one day as another
        • Never mind the day of judgement
        • Death and judgement is always distant
            • When I get enough I’ll stop
            • I will not get caught
    • daytime – These people don’t take a break
        • Pentecost – It’s only the 3rd hour of the day
They are blots and blemishes,
    • Christ is the spotless lamb, no blots or blemishes
    • These are nothing BUT blots or blemishes – means nothing good
reveling in their deceptions, while they feast with you.
    • They deceive others and they deceive themselves
    • They are not outsiders, called Christians
14  having eyes full of adultery that never cease from sin
    • How many times have you heard, look but don’t touch
    • It’s okay to look, LIES
Matthew 5:28 ESV  
    • These are uncontrollably driven by lust, never stopping
    • Always self-serving
2Pe 2:14  …They entice unsteady souls.
    • Notice they don’t entice those who are strong in the Word
        • They are like the lion who goes after weak prey
        • People who only seek experiences
            • If the experience feels good…
        • People who seek God for gain
        • People who only hear what they want to hear
    • Unsteady need to become steady
Ephesians 4:14 ESV  
    • I have not fully understood Balaam’s sin
    • If you read your Bible, God was very mad at him
        • Detective work to see why
            • This requires study
        • Peter’s audience knew Balaam’s sin
Jude 1:11 ESV  
    • Korah persuaded 250 men to go against Moses (Numbers 16)
        • Sin – He exalted himself
        • The next day the whole congregation gathered against Moses
            • Moses asked the Lord to spare the congregation
            • Ground swallowed Korah
            • Fire came down and consumed the 250
    • Balaam was driven by greed (remember greed)
    • So, what did Balaam do wrong? (Numbers 22) OPEN BIBLES
    • Moab, people of Lot’s son – Balak was king
    • Hear of Sihon king of the Amorites – Defeated
    • Hear of Og the king of Bashan – Defeated
        • Israel camps in the plains of Moab
    • Balak sends for Balaam to curse Isreal
Numbers 22:7  
    • Balaak, says stay here tonight and I will tell you what the Lord says
Numbers 22:12 ESV  
    • Balaam was a prophet, God spoke directly to him
Numbers 22:13 ESV  
    • Notice, he just says, “the LORD has refused to let me go with you.”
    • He conveniently leaves out, YOU SHALL NOT curse, for they are blessed
Numbers 22:15-17 ESV  
    • What should Balaam’s response be?
    • I’ll ask God again???
Numbers 22:18-22 ESV  
    • Notice there is a line Balaam WILL not cross
    • But Balaam is trying to figure out how to please God and Balak
        • Honor with men & greed
    • How can God be mad when he said he could go?
        • God gave him over to his greedy desire
    • Talking donkey and the angel of the LORD
Numbers 22:32 ESV  
Numbers 22:34-35 ESV  
    • 2nd time he was opposed by God and God let him continue
    • So what was his sin?
        • 1st He shouldn’t have went (BUT there is MORE)
    • Balaam is asked to curse 3 Israel times, but he blesses instead
        • The Spirit of the Lord descends upon Balaam and he blessed them
    • Balak sends Balaam away, end of story???
        • New Testament key
Revelation 2:14 ESV  
    • Balaam taught Balak to put a stumbling block?
        • Balaam couldn’t curse Israel but did something else
        • How could Balaam try to please both?
        • What stumbling block?
    • Next chapter in Numbers
Numbers 25:1-3 ESV  
——————————- Later ————————-
Numbers 31:15-16 ESV  
Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews, Book IV, Chapter 6)
Balaam said, “you will obtain it by following my directions; Set out the handsomest of such of your daughters as are most eminent for beauty, …let them not give their consent till they have persuaded them to leave their obedience to their own laws and the worship God who established them, – and to worship the gods of the Midianites and Moabites; FOR BY THIS MEANS GOD WILL BE ANGRY AT THEM.’
    • Application
    • What does this tell us?
        • Insert modern false prophet as Balaam
        • Some of what they do is service to God
        • Remember God spoke to Balaam, he was a prophet
            • The deception came from within
        • There are certain boundaries that won’t be crossed
        • They appear to serve the Lord but deep down they serve themselves
            • They deceive themselves to think they serve God
            • They gather followers thinking they serve God (Korah)
        • Secretly introduce stumbling blocks
    1. Lawlessness – remove order and discipline
        1. Do what pleases you
        2. Appear to worship God
        3. Persist when God has said no
    2. Self-righteousness, not relying on Christ
    3. Love of money, greed and worldly things
    4. Desire for worldly honor
    • The attempt to turn God’s anger inwardly
    • Peter calls the false prophets irrational animals
        • Balaam’s donkey has more since than Balaam
    • Watch for false prophets
    • Watch for the stumbling blocks
        • Remove them (women in the wilderness)
    • Most importantly draw close to God
        • Focus on serving Him
        • Strive for holiness
    • Desire His pleasure not man’s

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