Thanksgiving to God

October 1, 2017


Sermon: Thanksgiving to God Colossians 1:3-8
Thanksgiving to God
Paul is thanking God for the Colossians faith.  Why not thank the Colossians for having faith?  God is the CAUSE of our faith.  There are 65 verses in the ESV, New Testament contain the word “thank” plus all of the conversion narratives, none of them thank the person for having faith, all of them thank God.  Yes, we are VERY happy for the person who has faith but our primary response should be to thank God for giving the faith.  
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 10/1/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 10/15/2017
Sermon Notes:

Colossians 1:3-8


  • Paul’s greetings, he normally gives thanks to God for “something good” in the believers – Galatians


1 Corinthians 1:4 ESV 

Romans 1:8 ESV 


  • In Corinthians – Paul is thanking “my God” vs. any other gods
  • In Colossians Paul thanks God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
    • Influenced by a Jewish Gnostic sect
      • The Jews wouldn’t have recognized Jesus as the Christ
      • The Gnostics no Christ coming in the flesh
    • Today, I believe in God
      • Do we all worship the same God today?
        • All roads lead to heaven
        • Which god??? Qualifier
      • God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ


  • What is Paul thanking God for in the Corinthians? — grace
    • All Christians agree, grace is a gift from God
  • What is Paul thanking God for in the Colossians? Faith



  • Not all Christians agree, faith is a gift from God.
  • Think about it…


  • If Epaphras preached the Gospel to them
    • Why not thank Epaphras
  • If faith springs up because of the Colossians themselves
    • Why not thank the Colossians
  • We see this today, someone believes in Christ
    • We congratulate them
    • Naturally, we are excited for them
    • We put a lot of emphasis on their decision
  • BUT do we thank God?
  • Does Paul ever thank the person???
    • Just came to me…
    • Search of “thank” 65 verses, not one thanks the person for coming in.  All thank God.


Luke 17:9-10 ESV 

Paul Arrives at Rome




  • Jesus, Peter, Paul, John 65 verses, thank God


  • My wife makes a great dinner, kids walk in and I say…
    • You thank the one responsible for the task
    • To do otherwise you, INSULT the one who did the work


  • God doesn’t exercise our faith for us
    • I can say, I have faith
    • But what is the origin of our faith
    • Where did it come from???
  • Did it originate from us or God???
    • If us, then Paul should thank the Colossians for having faith
    • But Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit thanks God


  • There is NO question in my mind, that we are to thank God
    • Study the thanks in the Bible
  • What IS THE CAUSE of our salvation?


  • Paul is thanking God


  • Many verses point out, even our faith is a gift from God


Romans 12:3 ESV 


Ephesians 2:8 ESV 


There are a lot more verses


  • Common sense says if Paul is thanking God then God is the CAUSE
    • Let us thank God not man
      • Wrath of Alicia vs. wrath of God 😊


  • Back to Colossians



  • Faith is our root and love is our fruit
    • Notice it’s not a faith in our works
    • Not faith in AA or a program
    • It’s not faith in our neighbor or fellow Christians
    • It’s not even faith in our families
      • BUT faith in Jesus Christ
        • Sola Christus (In Christ Alone)
        • This is a very hard yet simple concept to grasp
        • You have a problem go to Jesus Christ
      • How can you have the right type of LOVE without faith?
        • Faith comes first then love



  • Faith, hope and love. All 3
  • Our sights should be set on the next thing
    • Yes, we have fullness here in Christ
    • This is nothing compared to heaven
  • Military,
    • Never fully happy with the current assignment
    • Always looking forward to the next assignment
    • The last assignment is always better than the current one
  • Christian,
    • Our next state will be better
    • Our current state is fulfilled by being in Christ
    • Our last state is horrible (dead in sin)



  • WHY study the scriptures?
  • You have those who study and those who do
    • Some over emphasize learning and never do
    • Others over emphasize doing and never learn
      • What’s the problem with this?
      • God specifically describes how we are to worship Him
        • New job, without consulting the boss?
        • Had someone build a program, nice program, but
        • Very important to know what God wants from us
          • What songs are pleasing to Him
            • Not what songs are pleasing to us
          • What preaching methods?
          • Who to witness to
          • And so on…


Remember when Israle didn’t want to go into the promise land and then did

Remember Nadab and Abihu


  • Our goal should be to live a holy life pleasing to God
  • Bearing fruit and increasing
    • This is why we study the word of truth



  • Learning from others
    • Paul does not condemn this
    • He does not say, only listen to God
    • He tells Timothy to teach and preach
    • They learned the word of truth from Epaphras
      • I have never heard anyone say search the word thank
      • This God impressed on me to study further
      • However S. Lewis Johnson talked about faith…


  • God uses the preachers to preach His Word
    • I learn from others
    • Many of the explanations you hear come from others
  • Check everything against the Word of God
  • Andrew Wommack – Never listen to anyone else but direct revelation…


The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains, proves that he has no brains of his own.


― Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Proverbs 27:17



  • Why do we learn? So we can do
  • Learn what God requires of man
  • Then do it
  • How do we learn? From scriptures and one another


  • We thank God for you
  • We thank God for your faith and love
  • We need to pray to God for a harvest
  • Study the word thank, not once is it used to thank us for coming in
  • Live a holy life pleasing to God

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