The Christian Wife Ephesians 5:22-24

June 24, 2018


Sermon: The Christian Wife Ephesians 5:22-24
What is the role of the Christian wife?  Where did marriage come from?  What is its purpose?  We will contrast the Biblical view of marriage with the worldly view of marriage.  We will go over how wives are to submit to their husbands both Non-Christian and Christian husbands.  It does not matter how culture mandates and influences our actions.  Forget what you have learned from the world; replace that with what the Word of God says.  Therefore, we should be influencing the world, not the world influencing us.
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 6/24/2018  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 7/8/2018
Page 978 Ephesians 5:22-33 ESV  
    • Verses read at weddings, Christian and non-Christian
        • A Non-Christian wedding? – I have trouble with this
            • Can’t understand the union with Christ – Promising
        • The Christian must understand
            • The bond between Christ and his bride & the Promises
        • Viewpoints? – These verses are oppressive to women!
            • Submission – Seems to stir up our sin and rebellious hearts
            • We say this is the inspired word of God, do we believe it???
                • No, we believe society and a lie that causes confusion
            • The problem is not with the Word of God, the problem is us.
                • Forget what the world has taught you, know God’s Word
            • Look weird to the world — but we don’t serve the world
            • You may be ridiculed by the world – but you are also a witness
        • Often joked about, but this is what God has ordered – sin is not funny
            • The world is confused but we have the truth
    • Martin Lloyd Jones 232 sermons on Ephesians between, 1954 and 1962
        • Listening… He is VERY concerned about the state of Christian marriage
        • He makes predictions about the family, society and the divorce rate
            • Are we being influenced or are we influencing?
            • In the 50’s- worried about the influence of American TV & Movies
            • He is worried about the women’s liberation movement
    • What state is marriage in today?
        • We live in a different world from the 1950’s
            • Biblical principles gone – confusion – leading to chaos
                • Family goes – headed towards a total breakdown of society
                • Lack of order and discipline
                    • The Devil would love to abolish Christian marriage
    • God’s Word makes a distinction between the roles of men and women
        • In the marriage and in the church
            • Marriage is a holy union ordained by God
    • Well… Paul was a female oppressor during a different time??? – No he wrote
Galatians 3:28 ESV  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
    • When it comes to salvation there is no difference
        • There is no more court of the women
        • There is no more outer court of the gentiles
            • We can all come before God’s throne
    • But Paul says women are to submit???
        • Does Paul say this is his opinion? – No
        • Is Paul writing inspired scripture? – Yes
        • Do you follow the Word of God or society???
        • Do you love God?
1 John 5:3 ESV  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.
    • Honestly don’t care about your opinion
        • Well, I think…  What does the Word of God say?
        • God said it, I believe it, therefor it’s true – RC Sproul
            • God said it, therefore it’s true, no matter what you believe
    • God is not a God of confusion, he is a God of order and discipline
        • Galatians 3:28 says we are all equal then are we equal in all things???
            • Equal? members are to submit to one another (21) – Different
            • Equal? slaves are to submit to their masters Eph 6:5 – Different
                • Workers are to submit to their boss
            • We are to submit to the government Romans 13 – Different
            • We are to submit to church leadership Hebrews 13:17 – Different
            • Women are to submit to their husbands Different
                • Yes, there is a difference between men and women
                • Insanity to think men and women are equal in everything
                • Torture of women vs. men
                • (Not submit to other men, but all in the body submit)
                    • We are ALL to submit to Christ
  • What is your motivation to submit to your husband?
      • Our submission to Christ is our motivation to submit to our husbands
      • We submit as to the Lord
  • The “head” of the house – from creation the husband is the head of the wife
Genesis 2:18 ESV  
Eve was made as a helper for man
    • There was no sinful power struggle, they worked together in all things
Genesis 2:21-23 ESV  
    • Adam gives her a name
    • Men and women complement each other
        • It was not good for man to be alone
        • Now Adam is no longer whole – Together they become one flesh –
        • Marriage is an earthly representation of the relationship between Christ and his redeemed church (Robert Reymond, Systematic Theology)
            • We make up Christ’s body (30)  because we are members of his body.
        • Marriage is a gift and a blessing from God
    • Before the fall – There was no problems or strife between them
Genesis 3:16 ESV   
Different translations
KJV  thy desire shall be to thy husband
NKJV  Your desire shall be for your husband
ESV  Your desire shall be contrary to your husband
NASB  Yet your desire will be for your husband
    • The relationship between man and woman has changed
        • Now we ALL now struggle with rebellion against God #1
            • All sin falls under rebellion against God
                • God’s laws & God’s order
    • But that’s the Old Testament we are in the New Testament???
1 Timothy 2:12-14 ESV  
    • Reasons given
        • Adam was formed first – He is the head and eve was his helper
            • Adam naturally had the leadership role
        • Adam was not deceived
            • Even though they both ate the woman was deceived
    • Why do we need a head (in marriage) or an order?
        • Imagine a military that does not follow its officers???
            • First thing you learn is how to submit to authority
        • Board members have a chairman for a reason
        • How about a sports team without a coach or captain
    • So… is the man is superior in all ways???  – No
        • The captain of a team is not always superior
        • Normally the Quarterback – vs. linemen (crush)
            • What if everyone did their own play?
            • Ability does not matter, it’s the position you are in.
    • There is even submission in the Trinity
        • The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are co-equal
1 Corinthians 11:3 ESV  
    • The son submits to the Father
    • The Spirit submits to the Father and the Son
        • Equal but submissive, with no tension
            • The world had made submission a bad Word
            • Christ is in willing submission
Luke 22:42 ESV  
  • Paul is mixing doctrine and application (2 examples for submission)
      1. As the wife submits to Christ, submit to your husband
      2. As the church submits to Christ, submit to your husband
    • What are we to learn???  We are ALL [the church] to submit to Christ
        • If my husband was Christ, I would submit to him???
            • That’s not what the text says
            • God knows your husband is NOT Christ and it still says submit
1 Peter 3:1-4 ESV  
    • Would you like to be a witness for Christ?
    • Your actions will either bring God glory or shame
        • Your actions can make a difference
    • There is no greater witness than a submissive wife
        • A Christian wife is a stark contrast to a worldly wife!
    • Look what the text says!!!
        • a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious
        • CONCLUSION – You husband does not need to be a Christian
            • Your husband does not determine your submission
    • So… how far will this go???  What do I submit to?
    • The text says in everything
        • Yes everything –
            • Anything less than everything is not everything
                • Everything that is lawful
                    • Military – obey all lawful orders
                    • Coach – “steal a play book”
                        • What is lawful?
                            • Read your Bible
    • Counselor – What seems to be the problem?
        • You – My husband’s wrong about XYZ
    • Counselor – Did you recommend a different course of action?
        • You – Yes, and he won’t listen to me.
    • Counselor – Is your husband asking you to disobey God’s law?
        • You – No
    • Counselor – Then submit to your husband
    • Many, many, many blessings of being married
        • BUT there are serious challenges!
        • Sin can infiltrate even Christian marriages
            • That’s why Paul wrote submit to your husbands
    • Young women [daughters] be careful as to whom you marry?
2 Corinthians 6:14 ESV  
    • This verse would apply to marriage among other things
        • Marriage is difficult enough so it is VERY important you marry right
        • It would be better to stay single than marry a Non-Christian
    • Christian mom’s and dad’s
        • Teach your daughters how to act
            • Your daughter must submit to her husband
                • Even if he is NOT a Christian
                • To encourage otherwise is to encourage sin
                    • Undermines their marriage – Need wise counsel
                    • WARN them of the dangers of picking a spouse
    • Daughter’s, mom’s and dad’s
        • Sex outside of marriage destroys marriage
        • Pornography is a form of adultery
    • BUT – I’m in a horrible relationship, now what?
        • Serve Christ and submit
            • But my suffering is GREAT!
                • We are to be longsuffering
                    • We are to endure suffering with the help of Christ
    • Where does the Bible say you will have 2.5 children, live in a castle, have a picket fence, a prince charming as a husband, wined and dined? Hollywood
        • Lacking a Christian husband is not an excuse to sin
            • Maybe you have it good now?
            • Maybe you have it horrible now?
                • Our best life is not now
                • Either way it will be better later
        • The poor man Lazarus – The dog’s would lick Lazarus sores
Luke 16:25 ESV  
    • Conclusion – It should please you to be submissive
        • Christ is submissive to God – submission is not a bad thing
        • Be careful of whom you marry
        • Believe the Bible – not society
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