The Example of Christ

December 23, 2013


God chooses the most unlikely circumstances and the most unlikely people to carry out His plan.  In this sermon we look at Jesus’ parents and the circumstances of his birth.  You would think if God wanted all Christians to be prosperous and free of trials and hardships, Mary and Joseph would be high on that list.  When we examine the birth narrative they were not wealthy, nor free of trials and hardships.  Also, if God wanted us to be concerned with worldly possession why wasn’t Jesus concerned with them?  Jesus came to serve others and he expects us to follow his example.  The “prosperity gospel” preached today in America is in direct opposition to the example of Christ.


God frequently chooses to use the low members of society to carry out His plans; He does this to shame the proud and boastful.  If things aren’t quite going right for you, don’t doubt God.  Mary traveled 80 miles to give birth to the savior of the world.  She gave birth in a stable and laid her son in a manger.  SHE WAS USED BY GOD and one can be sure this is not the way she would have planned things to work out.


When did Joseph and Mary receive their earthly blessing?  Did they get rich?  Was the life filled with all joys of the world?  No!


Mary was told, Luk 2:35  and a sword will pierce even your own soul


A Christian must get to the point where they realize the things of this world fade away but their treasure is in heaven and it the things of God.


Sermon Preached at One Way Christian Center, in Olustee, OK, on 22 Dec 2013 – Pastor Bryan Walker  Olustee Church

Bible References

  • Philippians 2:3 - 11
  • Luke 1:26 - 36

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