The Life and Time of Job

February 16, 2014



The Life and Time of Job

When God allowed Job to be pestered by Satan, all of the people in his life that remained suggested that Job “curse God and die.” But throughout all of his suffering, he remained faithful, righteous, and in a state of worship and praise to God. Are we the type of people that curse God when we lose someone we love, our possessions, or any other trial and tribulation that comes our way? What are you putting before God?

Three things that we can do to increase our ability to praise God:

1)      Pray without ceasing- John 18:1, Matthew 6:5. The Lord’s prayer is an outline of a proper way to pray.

2)      Read the Word of God- Matthew 3:16, All scripture is God-breathed. If you want to know how to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God, read your Bible!!!

3)      Remain in a state of worship, praise, and thankfulness.

4)      Go to church. It’s important to be around like-minded people! We can learn so much from other Christians and the fellowship we have together. It’s also important that we go somewhere where we are able to get encouragement when times get tough and church is a great way to get it.

Bible References

  • Job 1:1 - 2:10
  • John 18:1 - 1
  • Matthew 3:16 - 16
  • Matthew 6:5 - 5



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