The Meaning of Christmas

December 24, 2017


Sermon: The Meaning of Christmas Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 1:31-33
Isaiah 9:6-7  Who is the “us” in verse 6?  Are you born again?  Who is this child and son?  Why was he given?
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 By: Bryan Walker Given on: 12/24/2017  Sermon plays on KWHW 93.5 FM on: 12/31/2017
Luke 1:31-33 ESV  
Isaiah 9:6-7 ESV  
    • Who is the “us” in verse 6?  Are you born again?
    • Who is this child and son?
    • Why was he given?
    • Many celebrate Christmas
        • This does not mean they celebrate the birth of our Lord
    • The war over Christmas is a distraction
        • The politically correct, “winter celebration.”
            • Merry Christmas vs. Happy “holidays”
                • Holiday means “holy day”
        • Use season’s greetings, winter celebration
    • Article The Politically Correct Classroom
        • No Christmas tree
        • No ornaments
        • No manger
        • No candy canes
        • No green or red decoration – resembles Christmas too much
            • You can cut out and put up snowflakes
            • How do you say “build a snowman” gender neutral?
                • And the world calls us crazy?
    • WARNING, the argument can cause us to lose sight of Christ
        • Ploy to draw us away
        • I’m not saved by Christmas trees, ornaments, mangers…
Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given
A question arises, who is US?
    • Are you included in “us?”
    • No everyone can make the personal claim “us?”
        • In general the whole world has benefited
        • BUT is Christ Jesus, yours?
        • Are you the “us” he given to?
        • Did he die for you or will you endure the wrath of God
        • Do you know Him?
        • More importantly, does he know you?
Matthew 7:21-23 ESV  
RC Sproul – few words about RC.
    • Notice how they say Lord, Lord
    • Emphatic phrase: Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me
        • They thought they knew the Lord
        • More importantly, He did not know them
    • I can say I know the President
        • I know who he is
        • I know where he lives
        • I even know some of his character
    • What if you ask the president if he knows me?
        • What will he say?
    • Your eternal destiny rides on this:
        • Are you part of “US?”
        • You either are or are not
        • So much is riding on this question
    • Let’s examine who Christ to see if we know Him
Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given
Two similar statements but they clarify each other
    • Redemption was to come through the seed of the woman
        • Do you believe in the virgin birth?  Essential
            • First Adam = death
            • Second Adam = life
    • A great mystery – Jesus Christ, both God and man
Joh 1:14  And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us [tabernacled]
    • Unknown quote, If we could understand God, he would not be God
        • Not meaning we can’t know something
        • Meaning not all things are fully understandable
    • Look what Job said:
Job 42:3 ESV  …
    • Jesus was fully God and fully man
    • He was tempted in every way
    • He was without sin
    • He grew, he slept, he became weary
        • No [sinful] crying he made
Luke 2:52 ESV  
    • If all you see is a baby in a barn, you are missing who Christ is
    • He is the Lord of Lord’s, King of King’s, who came down to dwell
    • He is ALSO a man like us, but without sin
        • He is God who took on flesh
            • He conquered sin through obedience to the law
            • He was beaten and bruised for us
            • He was sacrificed, died and has risen
        • If you are born again… you are born in the 2nd Adam
Galatians 3:26 ESV  
Romans 8:15 ESV  
    • Christ is our TRUE and ONLY mediator
    • Christ is the temple of God, made without hands
        • A place where God dwells
        • A place to direct our prayers
        • A place where forgiveness is found [dedication of the temple]
Isaiah 9:6 and the government shall be upon his shoulder
    • He will rule his people
        • They will serve and follow Him alone
    • Similar to David, – He defeats the enemies of God
    • He brings an everlasting peace to God’s people
Psalms 2:7-9 ESV  
    • His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom
Isaiah 22:22 ESV  
Isaiah 9:6 and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor
    • He is a fair and just ruler
        • Means to give excellent counsel [People Seek]
        • Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the people of God
            • How much more has God granted Christ?
    • Remember the Queen of Sheba
        • She came to see if ALL was true
            • What did she find?
            • What was the government approval rating?  20%
1 Kings 10:8 ESV  
    • How much happier with Christ
        • Those who are in Christ submit to Christ
            • They delight in his truth
            • They do not desire the counsel of another
Hebrews 1:1-3 ESV  
    • There is no corrupt counsel in Christ, his counsel is pure and truth
    • King Ahaziah had counselors
2 Chronicles 22:3-4 ESV  
    • Solomon’s son Rehoboam disregarded the good counsel of the old men
        • Rehoboam’s people hated him
    • Solomon was given wisdom by God, his people loved Him
        • They wanted to hear what he had to say
1 Kings 3:28 ESV  
    • How much more is Christ’s wisdom, counsel and judgement?
        • How MUCH happier are we who belong to Christ?
            • Christ counsel – IS God’s counsel
            • Christ’s wisdom – IS God’s wisdom
Isaiah 11:1-2 ESV  
Mighty God
    • Is Jesus just a good man?
        • A moral example for us to follow
            • Can man save himself?
            • What can man do?
                • Salvation is of the Lord
        • He is more than a man, he is our mighty God, our hero
Everlasting Father
    • In what respects is Christ the Everlasting Father
        • In respect to the trinity, Christ is NOT the father
    • One God three persons, Christ is in the father and the father is in Him
    • In what way is He called the Everlasting Father
John Gill – Christ is a Father with respect to chosen men, who were given him as his children and offspring in covenant; who are adopted into that family that is named of him.
    • Those who are born again are born in and under Christ
        • All under Adam are children of Adam
        • Those in Christ, are the adopted children of God in Christ
    • As our shepherd he cares for us in a fatherly way
Isaiah 40:11 ESV  
Prince of Peace.  (7)  Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end,
    • There are so many types of peace we have in Christ
        • Peace in suffering and persecution
        • Peace toward one another
        • Peace with regard to worldly possessions or lack there of
        • Pease that surpasses understanding
Luke 2:13-14 ESV  
    • The most important peace Christ brings is peace with God
        • Many don’t realize it but they do NOT have peace with God
        • The truth of God is suppressed
        • Truth, God will judge sin with his fierce wrath and anger
        • Peace can only be found in Jesus Christ, the mediator
    • Who is this child?
        • What is his purpose?
        • For what did he come?
        • For whom did he come?
    • Is He yours, and are you his?  Does he know you?
    • Your eternal destiny hinges on this question.
        • Are you born again?
    • Is he just a cute baby in a manger or is he more?
        • Are you a happy servant in his kingdom, listening to His every word?
    • Maybe you are unsure, repent and confess your sins to him
        • Know the act of repentance does not save you
        • Jesus Christ saved you
            • Charles Spurgeon said, of the one who owed money…
                • You owe me 100, no I don’t
                • You owe me $100, yes Lord but I can not pay, please forgive me
    • Do not stop praying, claim the promises in his Word concerning your salvation, He does not lie.
    • Realize it is in Him and Him alone, your salvation and peace rest
Luke 2:8-14 ESV  

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