The Story of Jericho

April 15, 2014






Old Testament stories are very important to us because they reveal God and his ways.


Romans 15:4


5 Points

1.  Obedience

2.  Gods Way vs. Man’s Way

3.  God’s Power is Supernatural

4.  The relationship between the Grace of God and Our Faith

5.  Faith and Works



–Doing what God Commands Us

Hebrews 5:9


-Gods Way vs. Man’s Way

–God’s way is perfect

–God’s way is better than our way

–We fail to prosper when we do it our way

Isiah 55:8,9


-God’s Power is Supernatural

–We see this in nature

–We see this in the Holy Spirit working within us

–The crossing of the Red Sea and the Jordan River on dry ground

Job 38:4


-The relationship between the Grace of God and Our Faith

–Israel had faith the walls would fall

–God gives us our faith, enables us to stand

–It takes faith to use your gifts from God

Hebrews 11:30


-Faith and Works

–Saved by grace through faith

–Works are evidence of our faith

–If God is your Lord and you love him, you will do as he wills

–When you love someone you desire to spend time with them

–God commands us to love Him

–Walls came down by faith but still required Joshua to march around the city

–Use the gifts God has given you

James 2:26

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