Until The Times Of The Gentiles Are Fulfilled – Sermon

October 19, 2014



“Until The Times Of The Gentiles Are Fulfilled” and “Until The Fullness Of The Gentiles Has Come In,” these are two very similar quotes, one from Luke 21 and the other from Romans 11. What dose this mean? How close are we until the times of the Gentiles being fulfilled? In this sermon we will go over the trampling of Jerusalem and the restoration of Jerusalem.

It seems clear Christ was speaking of the physical Jerusalem being trampled under foot, especially with us knowing of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. It also seems clear Paul spends the majority of Romans chapter 11 talking about the physical and ethnic Israel being saved after or until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

Reading from Flavius Josephus – War of the Jews – Book 6 – Chapter 5 section 2-3.

70 AD Temple Destroyed!
Israel Conquered
City of Jerusalem trampled under foot
But the Jewish people retain their identity
1917 British gain control of Israel after WWI – Future Jewish state
14 May 1948 Israel was declared a nation – Attacked that night! Celebration
15 May 1948 Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon & troops from Iraq
5 June 1967 – 6 Day war on 3 fronts = Jerusalem

Sermon given by Pastor Bryan Walker, One Way Christian Center, Olustee, OK on 19 Oct 2014. For more sermons visit www.onewaychristiancenter.com

Bible References

  • Romans 11:21 - 26
  • Luke 21:20 - 25

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