You Must Have This First

October 20, 2013



You Must Have This First — Sermon — Given by Pastor Bryan Walker, at One Way Christian Center, in Olustee Oklahoma, 20 October 2013. Romans 4:18 – 25

You can acknowledge God, you can acknowledge Jesus and even perform works. Saul thought he was doing a good work when he persecuted the early Christians. He later realized until he had a specific faith in Jesus all that he did was in vain and it was actually opposing to God. Once he had this faith he was changed into Paul. When you have this faith many other doors are opened. If you believe God, right now as you are, not on account of your works: You are counted righteous, You are adopted as sons and daughters, God will bless you, He will answer your prayers, He will go before and behind you, He will bring you into His glory, He will give you a new body, He will wipe away all of your tears, You will dwell with him in glory, He will keep you in his hand, He will give you joy, He will seal you as one of his, He will change and mold you. However, if you don’t have this faith and go to your grave without it, the opposite is true. I pray, many hear this sermon and they believe.

Bible References

  • Romans 4:18 - 25



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